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Femen: First topless protest in Islamic state leads to arrests.



Femen activists stage topless protest in Paris to protest trial of three activists in Tunisia.

Authorities in Tunisia have gone on to arrest three women from feminist group, Femen after they chose to bare their chests during a demonstration championing female rights.

The protest billed by the women to be the ‘first topless protest in an Islmamic state’ came about in a bid to offer solidarity to a 19 year old Tunisian woman, Amina Tyler who was arrested after she posted topless images of herself online as a form of protest.

Arrested in today’s sweep included one German and two French women who had gone on to scrawl the words ‘Breast Feed.’ and ‘Revolution’ on their topless torsos. During their protest the women had gone on to chant ‘Fuxk your morals.’

The protest drew the ire of angry crowds who scuffled with police officers as sensibilities are said to have been offended.

Femen, a Ukraine-founded group has held topless protests in Europe since 2010 to call attention to a wide range of issues.

The recent protests come in light of the staunch negation of female rights in many of the Islamic states where women are often regarded as second class citizens and are often vilified and forced to observe patriarchal dispositions in what many would argue in the guise of religion. Nevertheless many have gone on to argue that Femen isn’t necessarily so driven in exposing the inequity of women’s rights but rather to foster disunity between men and women.

And then there were these comments on reddit that made me wonder as well:

Considering Femen is exactly that, a radical group who cares less about feminism and more about putting down men. They don’t really help the cause of feminism at all and are only doing more damage than helping.


Really? Then why are the slogans they’ve written on themselves in English, in an Arabic speaking country? Because they’re not supporting the woman, they’re using her bad luck to push their own agenda and whore attention.


I think the reason I dislike them is that they are trying to create a men vs. women thing. When in actuality a lot of the men I know are feminists, so that’s pretty insulting to them. It should be a feminism vs. sexism thing. Sexism is in all of us, and I’m totally included in that (I disgust myself sometimes), and feminism is just about trying to recognise that and change our behaviours.

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