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Yes men do fake orgasms and here is why….

Men faking orgasm
Men faking orgasm?

A Harvard researcher and urologist, Dr Abraham Morgentaler has come out with a new book, ‘Why Men Fake it: The totally unexpected truth,’ in which he explains to us why men do indeed fake orgasms. Which is to say there are some of you out there who pretend to climax but of course that opens the question ought not one’s partner not be able to notice the actual copulation if a man has actually orgasm or not?

But before we get to that discussion have a read of what Dr Abraham Morgentaler has to offer:

‘The big surprise to me when I started doing this work 25 years ago is that once a man is in a relationship, he seems to care more about his partner than himself,’ said Dr Morgentaler.

‘For every man who behaves badly, I can give you 10 who are dedicated and thoughtful and doing the best they know how to be a man and a solid partner.’

And the orgasm fake part itself?

Tells the UK’s dailymail: It may seem unbelievable – not to mention physically impossible – but it is indeed possible for men to fake an orgasm, although quite how they do this is kept under wraps by Dr Morgentaler in an interview for online magazine Salon.

Dr Morgentaler’s book paints a picture of a gender who are anxious about their erections, feel pressured into having sex and are concerned about their partner’s pleasure.

According to a recent study from the University of Kansas, 70 per cent of women and 30 per cent of men admitted faking orgasms.

In the study, both sexes gave the same reasons for pretending – a partner’s orgasm was imminent so they felt under pressure to climax.

Tells the report: ‘The emphasis on men’s ability to give their partners “earth-shaking orgasms” sometimes leads both women and men to pretend orgasm to meet these expectations.’

Dr Morgentaler says another reason for the rise in faked orgasms is down to the rapid change in gender identity across society, which has led many men to suffer a crisis of confidence about their masculinity. No shit right fellas?

Which posits the question is a man’s lack of ability to perform in the bed more to do with physical impediments, erectile dysfunction or his inertia of being the type of man that he reckons he needs to be for a woman but sometimes wonders to himself is not capable of being especially in the light of empowering female dichotomies or sometimes a fear that he may not match up to other men or even his own expectations. And you thought men had it all easy….hmm.