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Stripper on Reddit shows off all her money. ‘Fxck you!’

Stripper on Reddit
Can you count all that money? It adds up to $3345.

Here’s a bit of revenge for one Atlanta stripper who goes by the reddit moniker Menagerii when she posted on reddit the following after taunts about her ass being a stripper (yes we all know strippers are bad people that we all should look down and pity, right?):

“From now on when people ask me why I’m a stripper, I’m just going to show them this picture,”

And to be sure if a picture can speak a million words, this bixch picture did Menagerii’s bidding better than any slow dance move on your vodka saddled ass.

The tidy picture of $3345 we soon learn came off the back of Menagerii working a double shift from 11.30 am to 3am straight. Coincidentally Menagerii the stripper on reddit goes on to tell she’s working her way through a prestigious university. Which one of course has yet to be disclosed…

Reflected some reddit commentators :

‘I wish I was a girl.’

From now on, when people ask me why I rob strippers, I’m just gonna show them this picture.

If I were in a strip club, I’m way more inclined to tip the girl who can do acrobatic work than the girl who has no movement, and just thinks that squatting down and jiggling is gonna make me toss money at her. Sorry, people like you put on a show and earned money. That girl just flopped around and assumed she would get paid.

Then there was this exchange Menagerii had with some fellow redditors which had me wincing as well:

Are you into pole dancing as well or just stripping?

Replies Menagerii:  I get most of my attention from pole dancing. I’m not necessarily one of the better ones, but I do the most dangerous tricks

And then there were these choice comments courtesy of Menagerii‘s profile page that had me wondering too:

Life is unfair to women … when the woman is unattractive

They never fire girls based on their appearances. If you get fat, you stop making money and you lose the weight or you stop working

Depends on the guy. My strict rule is the dick stays in the pants

Oh yeah. I don’t mind making out with strangers if I find them physically or intellectually attractive. People have extended half hour VIPs to two hour VIPs because of make out sessions

Without. I went from a 32b to a 32d. They still look pretty natural though

I used to pay my roommate 1000 dollars a month to help me out with random stuff. He was unemployed and about to finish his degree in engineering. He was able to finish up and now he had a pretty awesome job

Captures the following dialogue via HyperVocal: It paid off, but the engineering student, who got her start as a Hooters waitress (“a bunch of people told me I had the personality to be a stripper”), warned would-be exotic dancers not to plan on making ridiculous bank on a regular basis:

As a stripper, you don’t make hourly money. You actually have to pay to work. At my club, it’s 35 and 10 percent to the dj per shift. I work to halves of a shift (4-12 instead of 11-8 or 8-4) so I actually have to pay that out twice, which usually runs me at least 100 dollars a night.

I regularly make between 500 and 1500 a night. Anything other than that is a very rare outlier.

And if you think Menagerii is thinking of quitting this shit when she finally enters the real world after school think again:

“I enjoy it too some extent,” she writes. “May do moonlighting after I get a big girl job.”

All of which had me wondering in the end why does Menagerii really care about getting a degree in the first place when degrees are worth zilch these days and whether in reality a large part of her really gets off on the stripping and rather than the stripping being the side thing, her degree is really the side thing….(cause after all we all know every stripper has to come off being respectable and shit).



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