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So why are sex toys selling out in China?


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Here’s an interesting conundrum that is taking place in China. It involves the rapid spike of sex toy consumption courtesy of men who simply can’t find themselves a female partner. Why you wonder?

shanghaidaily.com: More “leftover men” in China are buying adult toys, confirmed manufacturers who reported a significant jump in sales last year.

Much of the sale had to do with gender imbalance in the country where men outnumber women at certain ages, the makers of the toys said yesterday.

Which is another way of saying eventually there are only so many girls to go round when national policy insists on a one child doctrine and that a preponderance of those children (which is to say greater than the 50/50 split you’d expect in most societies) is swinging more to the male ratio given the preference of Chinese families to have sons as opposed to daughters.

Needless to say the gender imbalance has had the reverse effect of now giving power to women who now have more male suitors to choose from. Which is to say if a male suitor misses out there’s always the option of a make believe sex partner.

At the 10th annual China International Adult Toys and Reproductive Health Exhibition, which opened at the Shanghai International Exhibition Center in Hongqiao area yesterday, vendors said sales, especially those for men, increased by 30 to 40 percent last year.

With a surge in demand, manufacturers are focusing on designing high-end sex toys with new technologies to meet the increasing needs of China’s “leftover men and women,” who are usually well-educated, have high purchasing power.

And what may end up being the break away sex toy of Chinese men you wonder?

Another vendor promoted a sex doll for men which had features of a popular Japanese adult movie star.

But lest you think that it’s only the men partaking in sex toys, here is one innovative sex toy for the women on the go that is catching on rather well too…

One foreign firm displayed a new vibrator for women, which has an app that can be installed on phones or other related devices.

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