Home Scandal and Gossip Oh really? Walmart employee arrested for in store prostitution.

Oh really? Walmart employee arrested for in store prostitution.

Foster Bills
Foster Bills is also a preferred hawt bixch.

Walmart employee, Foster Bills, 22 has been indicted on charges of solicitation of prostitution after ‘an anonymous complaint of a male subject performing sexual acts in a secluded location’ in the upstate NY Queensbury store.

The secluded location has been said to have involved that of a Walmart bathroom. Because that is sometimes where the real bargains are to be had.

According to Smoking Gun people were solicited to join Bills in the bathroom using Craigslist ‘casual encounters‘ ads.

Bills’ manager at Walmart made the initial complaint after which police launched an undercover investigation that resulted in his arrest.

He was caught after allegedly accepted cash for sex from an undercover State Police Investigator.

Bills was charged with a misdemeanor prostitution count and is now set to appear in court on Monday.

Interestingly a police report also links Bills to a second Craigslist ad where he attempted to arrange sexual liaisons at a public library.

On that occasion his ad read ‘Young guy looking for a little spending money.’



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