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Cocaine dealer busted running million dollar drug ring. Sold the good shit for $120 a gram.


Drug dealer

Making headlines is the dismantling of one Manhattan cocaine ring which purportedly catered to the well heeled amongst you here in NYC. The bust came after a ringleader boasted about living the good life on social media.

According to Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance Jr and NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly who all stood proud for photographers after the king bust, the hit came after presumed cocaine dealer Adrian (Ace) Rivera loudmouthed the good life he was living courtesy of his well heeled clientele. This in turn led to a sting operation in the beginning of 2011 where undercover cops began buying mounds of the good shit.

Explains the nydailynewsThe investigation eventually led to the indictment of Rivera and 40 alleged members of three street gangs — the “Money Boyz,” “Blocc Boyz” and the “Stack Gang” — that operated out of housing projects in the lower East Side.

By following Rivera’s online tracks, investigators learned he often bragged on social media about partying with his stripper girlfriend, Krista Zuniga, at Perfection, a jiggle joint near LaGuardia Airport in Queens.

In turn authorities were able to garner the movements of Rivera and his cohort who it was estimated were running a business where up to two million dollars of the good shit was solved over the course of 2 years.

Rivera’s network included more than a dozen livery cab drivers and runners, who would deliver coke to a clientele ranging from investment bankers to college students, Kelly added.

“As this indictment reveals, residents of Manhattan today can get nearly everything delivered to their doorstep — from dinner to dry cleaning, and even cocaine,” Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance Jr. said at Friday’s press conference.

Door to door service. Hmm, who could imagine that? Not you the reader?

Never mind, there’s sure to be a spare number or two amongst the affluent of you to continue the revelry.

Aren’t you glad the good shit is always on tap, when of course it suddenly isn’t…