Home Scandal and Gossip Ashley Sky is topless in Terry Richardson shoot.

Ashley Sky is topless in Terry Richardson shoot.

Ashley Sky
Ashley Sky as photographed by Terry Richardson. Also a preferred hawt bixch…

Kids it’s time to reach for your goggles as we all lean back and take a careful look at the latest super hawt slink collaboration and nonchalant super photographer co meet as they join forces for yet another yummy production of ‘my eyes hurt too when I look at this shit too.’

Making haste is Brazil’s Ashley Sky who has made a name for herself whilst appearing in rapper and online videos as she stars in a cohort of skimpy outfits that prized photo boy Terry Richardon keeps under his mattress. Not that Terry did not think later to have his latest ingenue rework the position of that nimble piece of chicken wire meant to cover Ashley’s modesty.

If only you could be a super slinky hawt bixch and the photographer who gets to get paid well to shoot them…

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Terry Richardson creates furor by depicting women as waif thin silhouettes in ad campaign for Equinox.

Ashley Sky
Ashley Sky
Ashley Sky
Ashley Sky