• mik007

    You know it,

  • mik007

    My good god what the poor animals of the planet have to endure because of some sick,sick,sick,people………

  • Gail F.

    I believe in animal welfare rather than animal rights; but bestiality is immoral and reprehensible. Leave the critters out of it, please; humans should have sex between other consenting adult humans only.

  • Jewels

    I don’t agree with bestiality~It’s a disgusting abomination.

    But just an FYI~

    God doesn’t HATE the world or human race…. He HATES Sin…and yes bestiality is sinful.

    However, that aside God (the Creator of the Heaven’s and the earth) sent His ONLY Son into this sin filled world to reconcile us to Himself through His Son by us confessing our sin before Him, and believing that Jesus bore our sin on the Cross, repent or our sin, acknowledge that He is Lord and ask Him into our hearts (life)…. God Hates the sin but Loves the sinner! Romans 5.8 BUT God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

    God Bless

  • Luke Thomas

    Gonorrhea and chlymedia are sexually transmitted diseases that originated from COWS. Now gonorrhea is a superbug with no cure. The human race deserved what it got.

  • Luke Thomas

    Bestiality is a filthy abomination. You all are going straight to hell.

  • Luke Thomas

    Germany bans BESTIALITY – *BUT* it’s only a
    very minor misdemeanor, and will be pretty much not enforced. Bestiality
    is LEGAL in most States in USA with no Federal laws whatsoever against
    it. God hates America. God hates the world – the human race’s
    destruction is imminent. Guess what? When humans have sex with animals, it is a disgusting abomination. And humans know what they are doing and choose to be deviant perverts.