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Germany outlaws bestiality. Now just a misdemeanor.



Germany has been in the throes of heady debate in recent months between those who validate that animals are capable of receiving and expressing sex acts with humans, zoophiles and that of animal rights activists who argue that animal’s rights need to be protected and enforced.

Nevertheless after much debate Germany’s upper house of Parliament tells the nytimes decided to criminalize the ‘ use of animal for personal sexual activities’ and to punish offenders with fines as much as $34 000. Interestingly the ban only carries a misdemeanor charge for offenders.

nytimes: Zoophiles argue that their relationships with their pets, or “partners” as they prefer, are entirely mutual. Michael Kiok, a director of the advocacy group Zoophilic Engagement for Tolerance and Enlightenment, who now finds himself the de facto face of zoophilia in Germany, says animals are perfectly capable of expressing whether or not they desire sex.

Are they? Does a dog’s barking infer it is heavy in the mood or simply just kinky turned on?

Then again is it really an issue that some in society are morally repulsed by such behavior that many throughout history have actively pursued?

Bestiality has been pursued since the Ancient times as seen above.

But David Zimmermann, an animal caretaker who is also a director of the zoophilic group, said: “It’s a sexual aspect that is entirely foreign to most people. They just see a man and think, ‘What terrible things is he doing to that dog?’ ”

Mr. Zimmermann had a Great Dane with which he occasionally had sex, but it died four months ago, he said. Now he lives with his similarly zoophilic boyfriend and their Dalmatian.

Kids do you really believe the ‘Dalmation’ hasn’t seen its fair share of action? But then again as unnatural and unappealing as it may be to many who can really say that if a man and an animal participate in sex that it is necessarily puts the creature in harm’s way? Then again having sex with a miniature horse might qualify.

“For me she’s just a good friend that I care about very, very much — there’s no sex,” Mr. Zimmermann said after a recent screening here of a documentary-style film on zoophilia that depicted fictitious characters like a pornography star with sexual feelings for cats and a butcher who fell in love with a pig.

A pig that ended up as bacon on your morning breakfast plate….

And then there was this comment via the dailybeast that got me thinking too:

I find the fact that they had to debate this bill extensively before passing it rather bizarre.  Seems like a no brainer to me.

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  1. I believe in animal welfare rather than animal rights; but bestiality is immoral and reprehensible. Leave the critters out of it, please; humans should have sex between other consenting adult humans only.

  2. I don’t agree with bestiality~It’s a disgusting abomination.

    But just an FYI~

    God doesn’t HATE the world or human race…. He HATES Sin…and yes bestiality is sinful.

    However, that aside God (the Creator of the Heaven’s and the earth) sent His ONLY Son into this sin filled world to reconcile us to Himself through His Son by us confessing our sin before Him, and believing that Jesus bore our sin on the Cross, repent or our sin, acknowledge that He is Lord and ask Him into our hearts (life)…. God Hates the sin but Loves the sinner! Romans 5.8 BUT God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

    God Bless

  3. Gonorrhea and chlymedia are sexually transmitted diseases that originated from COWS. Now gonorrhea is a superbug with no cure. The human race deserved what it got.

  4. Germany bans BESTIALITY – *BUT* it’s only a
    very minor misdemeanor, and will be pretty much not enforced. Bestiality
    is LEGAL in most States in USA with no Federal laws whatsoever against
    it. God hates America. God hates the world – the human race’s
    destruction is imminent. Guess what? When humans have sex with animals, it is a disgusting abomination. And humans know what they are doing and choose to be deviant perverts.

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