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Unhappy with your vagina? Then it’s time for labiaplasty for ‘the Barbie’ effect.

Are you ready for the Barbie look?
Are you ready for the Barbie look? Image via jezebel.
Are you ready for the Barbie look?
Are you ready for the Barbie look? Image via jezebel.

Ladies have you found yourselves stressing about the way your vagina looks? It seems some of you have as more and more of you are now signing on to labiaplasty, a procedure that clips off portions of a woman’s labia (the inner lips of your vulva) so as to effect what has euphemistically becoming known as the ‘Barbie’ look.

As porn is becoming increasingly a mainstay in our culture more and more women are now comparing themselves to porn stars and asking themselves where did they go wrong and if having a ‘tidy’ looking vagina will make them more desirable to the opposite sex? Which of course raises the question, do men really care about how a woman’s vagina really looks? The answer in short- yes we do, but not necessarily the way you think. More on that below.

Whilst some women feel compelled to ‘tidy’ up their vagina (does that mean I now have to tidy up my ball sack so you ladies find me more attractive?) not everyone woman is in a rush to just reach for the scissors and chop away.

Offers jezebel: Why the fuck do women want their vulvas to look like they’re made out of plastic? (A minority of women seek out labiaplasty for non-aesthetic reasons, but most do because they’re embarrassed or ashamed of their “abnormal” lower lips.) We can blame Brazilian bikini waxes, the mainstream media, and, of course, porn. “Girls are more aware of what they look like now,” Alter admits. (And lucky for him!) Blatt’s website entices clients by stating that “Some women just want to look ‘prettier’ like the women they see in magazines or in films.” Ugh.

Hmm, now that’s what I call a sturdy response. Seems like female activist feminist shit right? Well actually it’s not. It’s probably more about one female writer vividly expressing her concern about the plight of women in our society who are increasingly becoming objectified. Which makes sense because if you think about it, Barbie is just an object. A doll if you must know meant for young girls to play with. Wait a second, this sounds freaky, ladies do you think us men are in to having carnal relations with young prebuscent women? Is that what is being implied here? That’s hardly putting us men in an enviable position as most of us are into healthy adult women with all their adult parts. But then again some of us aren’t admittedly either.

Perpetuating the myth of ‘clean’ labias is interestingly plastic surgeons themselves. But can you blame them, they stand to make a pretty penny if they can get you to own up to how gross you look down there. That’s me being sarcastic by the way lest you think I really mean it. Or do I?

We can also blame the doctors themselves for perpetuating the “Barbie” ideal. Obviously doctors want their patients to feel self-conscious about their bodies so that they’ll pay them for alterations; labiaplasty can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $6,000. “Plastic surgery in private practice is really about money-farming,” one anesthesiologist said.

But let’s address the real question. Why do women go for the labia look in the first place? Because most of you are insecure. Actually we’re all insecure. But a lot of that has got a lot to do with our society’s desire to commodize everything in sight and to get us to identify with certain groups and brands. Either you’re in or you’re out. Then there’s an issue women just want to be loved (like us men) and are afraid to measure up to pre conceived notions. So as a man, let me say this, yes there are men out there who love the tidy Barbie look, but that also means they’re into other head space which might be a bit too troubling for you to deal with. Which is why I suggest going out with a male who can handle your lush and florid beauty, assuming you don’t mind his lush and abrupt hairy balls. Ok, I’ll shave mine if you shave yours….

Also have a read of guernica‘s fascinating take about a visit to have one’s vagina ‘modified.’


  1. Honestly speaking, I prefer “small” (aka, “neat”, “tidy”, etc.) labia. Aesthetically, it is just more appealing to me. I don’t think porn is responsible for my pussy preference as much as one may think though – if so, why do I prefer natural women (an unshaved women down there drives me wild and breast implants turn me off completely), plus I know plenty of other guys out there who *prefer* meaty lips… just like our bodies are different, so are our preferences.

    The other reason besides looking prettier, is functionality. Yes, of course you can fuck a large-labiaed pussy with great enjoyment (as I have) , but you can’t ‘slip it in’ as easily when those big curtains get in the way (unless she’s *really* wet or lubed up). Having sex with a woman who has large labia requires diligently spreading her open with both hands as you insert your member (and watch out if a tentacle gets sucked in!) whereas sexing a woman with tidy little labia you can slip in sans manual assistance, which is much sexier IMHO…

    That all being said, my partner (of 5+ years!) has rather large labia (the biggest I have ever experienced; compared to about 25-30 other data points over my 33 years) so it obviously isn’t a deal breaker if you love the person.

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