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The reason your husband cheats is because the sex is bad…

Cheating husband
Cheating husband
Cheating husband
Cheating husband

Ladies it’s time for a reality check of why men end up cheating. You might not like hearing it but according to one author, Helen Croyden who once penned controversial book ‘The Sugar Daddy diaries,’ men principally cheat cause their sex life at home is bad.

In her new book the ‘F The Fairytale,’ the contentious author attempts to discover why men stray as she assesses how modern relationships compare to as alternatives to marriage.

Working alongside an adult lifestyle site bondara and targeting the UK’s largest cheating website (hmm, who knew such things existed?) maritalaffair.co.uk and other sugardaddy sites the author comes away with the view that sexual dissatisfaction is the most common ‘complaint’ cited by men as to why they stray.

Common complaints include, the ‘physical side has faded,’ or ‘sex has become routine.’ Indeed.

Her solution, you gals better start orgasming more….

Other reasons according to the UK’s dailymail as to why men cheat according to Croyden include the following:

1/ The bored husband who is reduced to being a functional machine attending to household chores. In the end it’s likely to lead to resentment and him seeking new romance. The solution, communicate to each other and really listen to what the other person is telling you.

2/ In love but lacking romance. Solution? Spark up the romance, surprise dates, adventures and making each other looking forward to seeing each other again should increase the fascination with each other.

3/ Here’s a surprising one: Partner health issues which limit sex. Some couples agree to give the other partner permission to see others outside of the marriage but take care to address the emotional roller coaster of being relegated.

4/ The one last time. This is the husband thinking he can be the wild bachelor one more time and then promising to commit forever after one last stray. Of course that only leads to more straying.

Solution? Embrace your partner’s sexual appetite and you’ll give them less reason to experiment outside your marriage. Talk about each other’s fantasies and how to go about sharing them.

5/ Opportunism. This is the syndrome of the traveling husband who is presented with opportunities outside of the marriage and thinks to explore such options, because she’ll never find out.

The solution paradoxically is not to be controlling and not keep tabs on your partner as they will be more apt to open up to you and will welcome begin with you as trust takes over.

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Then there were these comments on the web that caught my attention as well:


Men are animals who nature makes want to produce as many offspring as they can, preferably with the best available at the time. Women, on the other hand, want to produce with men who will be capable of looking after them (Either physically strong or rich). When it comes to sex, humans, in general, are similar to dogs.


Maybe if the women put down the hoover and appreciated that her husband/partner/boyfriend stills loves her and still finds her sexy (and put a bit of effort into it) most relationships would last the distance. (and yes, I am married and could do with a bit more rumpy pumpy with the missus)


When anyone feels the need to behave in a certain way or ‘act out’ it’s always about them and their ‘needs’ not the other person, stop the justification already.