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Picture of baby with penis on its face upsets tumblr, gawker and other media types.

Baby penis face.
Baby penis face.
Baby penis face.
Baby penis face.

I’m going to have a stab at this and to be honest I’m not sure how I’m going to fare but of course this is the type of stuff that amuses me and catches my eye. Catches my eye because of the degree of hypocritical stands taken and probably more that in the culture of tabloid media and social media nothing sadly is off limits. But should it be anyway?

Ok here’s what went down. Ned Hepburn from death and taxes had the ‘fun’ idea to post on his personal blog an image he came across which depicts a sleeping baby with a penis etched on its face. Yes I see how it can easily be perceived to be very  unpleasant and sacrilegious because babies are innocent and never deserve the dirt that life or humans dish on them. Especially sleeping ones.

So there’s Ned thinking he is being innocent and having fun (and in a way he is) but lo and behold not everyone interpreted it that way (see above rationing) which then led to gawker‘s Neetzan Zimmerman giving Ned and tumblr a piece of its mind. Which is kind of hilarious because we all know Neetzan is his own special brand of dangerous and diabolical. Then again so are most professional bloggers. We say things, reprint things and sometimes question things or expose things that can make us mad or very unsettled.

In the end tumblr chose to take down the image but Ned being Ned and adamant about his right to post whatever he wants in a free world (if you can post porn you can post a penis etched on a baby’s face right?) decided to post the image again which led to gawker accusing tumblr of double standards (they have allowed the image to stay) and Ned of being pathetic. Which is kind of laughable because I am sure that there are a lot of people out there who think Neetzan is pathetic too. Then again I have come to rest with the knowledge that there is very little love for me as a tabloid hack either. Who knows maybe it’s time to post an annoying picture of something or dig up the dirt on some bullshit? Something that will of course entertain all you readers at home and remind you how horrendous and hypocritical us media types are…or how wonderful we are for getting you to be sensitive to the wicked ways of this world?

Reflects cajunboy over at uproxx:

Surely this is a policy that was put in place to police pornographic pics/videos involving minors, not pictures of babies with dicks drawn on their faces. Come on, Tumblr! Lighten the hell up.

Isn’t it time you posted a horrendous image on the web and had the world call you out for being a phony whilst you are being phony too….?


  1. So now we can tell you only read picture books. The article clearly explains it was NOT his baby or HIS photo. I hear most cities have free literacy classes….just saying not that you can hear me…………

  2. Fucking cunt doin that to a baby!! Just how sick n perverted are u! Fuck face!! Fuck off n remove this shit!!!!

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