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Oh really? Former Houston Chronicle reporter fired for stripping is rehired by parent company.

Sarah Tressler
Sarah Tressler is always a preferred hawt bixch.
Sarah Tressler
Sarah Tressler is always a preferred hawt bixch.

It appears salvation has entered the life of former stripper/pedigree correspondent hawt bixch du jour Sarah Tressler as news of her once again finding employment now as a crime reporter after being axed last year by the Houston Chronicle who didn’t take too kindly to her stripping.

At the time last April the high brow journal took exception to Tressler’s moonlighting gig which by now she had been chronicling in her interestingly titled blog; “Diary of an Angry Stripper.”

At the time it wasn’t necessarily known whether the act of stripping and reporting on local high society soirees was what peeved the journal or the fact that she went the extra mile to chronicle it on her blog.

The termination at the time came after an alternative journal in Houston tipped off to the blog and proceeded to publish to the chagrin of the Houston Chronicle the ‘compelling’ story and images of Tressler’s extra curricular activities.

Nevertheless the indiscretion has been forgiven as Tressler went on twitter to disclose that the San Antonio Express-News has now hired her to report on ‘cops, crime and general mayhem.’ Something that perhaps Ms Tressler may have some well rounded experience dealing with.

At the time the nydailynews reports that Tressler sued her former employer’s parent company, the Hearst Corp., which also owns the Express-News, alleging that the firing was unfair.

She hired celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred (don’t we all?) and filed a complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, saying the paper’s reason for firing her — failing to write on her application that she had been working part-time as a stripper — was ridiculous.

“I’ve worked at KB Toys. I’ve worked at a surf shop. I’ve worked at multiple coffee shops. I’ve worked at Taco Bell. I’ve worked as a line cook at a restaurant,” Tressler told the Las Vegas Review-Journal in June. “Do you really want me to put every single one of those on my job application?”

Interesting. Then again what employing journal would have a hard time with the sad news that you are forced to flip enchilada burgers to pay off your outstanding school debts whilst you slogged away as a cache reporter at the local offices?

The NY Daily news goes on to report that over the summer, Tressler embarked on a national stripping tour and pushed a book, which shared the same title as her blog. She also picked up some freelance assignments for “Good Morning America.” Which is another way of saying bad press is better than no press.

After the suit and the tour, it seemed unlikely Tressler would re-enter Texas journalism (you think?) let alone for a newspaper owned by the same parent company that fired her. Some have suspected that her new job was part of a settlement she reached with the company.

Tressler has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Houston, where she works as an adjunct professor. She also has a master’s degree in journalism from New York University and has worked as a freelance reporter for publications including Us Weekly, L.A. City Beat and GLOSS Magazine

Tressler did not respond to requests for comment, and a Hearst Corp. spokeswoman did not respond to phone calls or emails. Can anyone guess why?

Sarah Tressler reckons Jeremy Piven gives lousy head. Oh well…

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Sarah Tressler is your preferred society reporter by day and stripper by night!