Home Scandal and Gossip Janitor jailed for six years for having sex with tenant’s dog.

Janitor jailed for six years for having sex with tenant’s dog.

Kutjim Nicaj
Kutjim Nicaj is also a preferred hawt bixch.
Kujtim Nicaj
Kujtim Nicaj is also a preferred hawt bixch.

Do you know what your building janitor is really up to?

Rye, NY. Here’s a story that might have you wincing but then again the human condition and man’s need to experience himself probably knows no bounds.

Making Wednesday night’s banner of the profane and impossibly hard to believe is the story of Kujtim Nicaj who had the pleasure of having sex (ok, let’s just say it, raping) with one of the tenant’s dog at the building where he was entrusted as a janitor at.

Things are said to have come to a head after the owner, Alan Kachalsky of one 15 month old labrador became suspicious and set up hidden cameras in his apartment after noticing drawn blinds and open doors where they had not been before. Lo and behold it wasn’t long before his cameras caught the visage of Nicaj sexually relieving himself with the pup.

Noted Kachalsky of his dog’ strange behavior at the time: Kachalsky told the Journal News that on the video, the Labrador, who is usually friendly and energetic, “just sat on the couch. He did not get up.”

Fortunately for the dog a veterinary visit disclosed that it did not suffer permanent physical damage.

Nicaj who was sentenced to six years behind bars will have to also register with a sex offender’s register when he is eventually released.

Man wanted for raping multiple miniature horses and killing guard dog.

via  USA Today