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What really motivated Suzy Favor Hamilton to risk everything to become an escort?

 Suzy Favor Hamilton
Suzy Favor Hamilton

Suzy Favor Hamilton’s name dropped from Big Ten award after exposed as escort.

Suzy Favor Hamilton to reveal her pimp’s identity to FBI?

Suzy Favor Hamilton ex Olympian turned escort now has the FBI’s attention.

Disney cuts ties with former Olympic runner Suzy Favor Hamilton after admitting to being an escort.

Why did she do it? That is the question most commentators are asking as they try to reflect on why America’s golden girl, Suzy Favor Hamilton seemingly risked everything to pursue work as an escort.

Until recent revelations that Hamilton had clandestinely taken up work as an escort the former three times Olympian runner had an enviable squeaky clean image. And that too may be part of the impulse of what drove the high achieving Olympian to cross what many perceive to be the dark side.

Yet that too forces the question why does society necessarily perceive work as an escort, porn performer, or some other unsavory professions you can think of (drug dealer, assassin, army professional, etc) in such a negative light? Such work in and of itself can cause great highs and stimulation and sometimes beyond the money that is often is what inspires us. It may explain for instance why we date the wrong person, to give an example, not because we are not aware that that person may be wrong for us (we often know this) but because of the stimulation, exultation of dealing with the taboo and the thing we are told we can not have.

Upon coming clean as to why she took on escort work, Hamilton went on to apologize (but did she really have to in the first place, really it’s her life) and reflect that she had been going through darkness in her own life.

Which poses another question, sometimes light and perceiving and being also comes from entering the dark matter, sensibilities or actions that are not on the surface necessarily very healthy for us. What is the expression, light always comes before darkness? And perhaps in some way that’s what Hamilton was seeking, a sense of lightness.

Another thing to consider is how the former Olympian who went on to achieve great noble things probably came to realize and wonder, if she was capable of achieving such wonderful feats why not also be capable of experiencing feats of the other end of her personal spectrum? The things that we call our wild side, the demons? If there was no longer a rush in her personal life having now quit the Olympics perhaps taking on work as an escort could perversely inspire the athlete to find the high and stimulation that was absent in her more stagnant life.

Of course there are those of us who would argue why she didn’t try to seek more affirmative ways of finding her balance, her high, her center of gravity, but that too is a mistake. One ought to be prepared to understand that exultation and feeling of worth sometimes can come from doing and pursuing work that so many of us have a hard time contemplating or perceiving. It might explain on the other hand why there are so many individuals who readily and happily pursue work as porn actresses and escorts. Let’s not judge Suzy Favor Hamilton for pursuing work and a kind of existence that so many of us would have a hard time pursuing for ourselves. It doesn’t necessarily mean what Ms Hamilton did was necessarily bad for her and if anything probably bought the high, stability and emotional balance that she was unable to find in other areas of her life.

 Suzy Favor Hamilton
Suzy Favor Hamilton website under the alias ‘Kelly Lundy’ as she advertised her services through Haley Heston’s Private Collection.
Suzy Favor Hamilton
Suzy Favor Hamilton.
Suzy Favor Hamilton
Suzy Favor Hamilton
Suzy Favor Hamilton
Suzy Favor Hamilton
Suzy Favor Hamilton
Suzy Favor Hamilton


  1. She’s neurotic, extremely unstable and mentally ill. How could her husband NOT divorce her? She worked as a whore!
    Since he’s an attorney he has no concept of right or wrong and he would probably lose money in a divorce.

  2. “It doesn’t necessarily mean what Ms Hamilton did was necessarily bad for her” this writer says..Are you crazy? Ask Suzy now what she thinks. The rush Ms Favor indulged in was self centered with no regard to the many closest to her. Corporate sponsors, (dropping her as fast as they can), College considering taking her name off awards, Lord knows the fallout to her family, (poor daughter) etc etc..

    We all make mistakes, All of us..Some just happen to know the difference of drawing a line to what may hurt others instead of just ourselves.

    I really do hope she pulls out of this and becomes a spokesman against the dangers of destroying lives closest to you.

  3. Its kind of silly for you to suggest she doesn’t need to apologize. If she didn’t feel the need to apologize, she wouldn’t have. Obviously she knew she was taking a big risk in becoming a prostitute, and the cost of her doing this is much greater than even she knew. But by all means, apologize…she has potentially ruined the lives of some of her closest family. What a huge mistake, and none more worthy of a heartfelt apology.

  4. Between the comments on her escort profile, her answers to the Smoking Gun reporter and her Twitter responses she seems to have answered exactly why she did it
    – it started as a fantasy;
    – she loved doing it;
    – it was a huge mistake caused in part by depression;
    – she didn’t think she would get caught;
    – she is sorry she did it and accepts the consequences.
    It is not an uncommon fantasy and as you mention in your article many people follow up on it to work in the sex industry, as escorts, strippers, porn stars or whatever. Most of us can’t understand that choice but it is theirs to make. It would be a boring world if we were all the same. Obviously she likes sex, she is very good at it and that body, as shown in the photo at the top of your article, is simply amazing for a 44 yr old woman. I have to believe that she had much experience of extra-marital sex as an amateur before she turned pro, but just like the rest of it, it is really none of our business. Hope it works out OK for her.

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