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Michael Jackson’s very scary driver’s license picture discovered.

Michael Jackson driver's license
Michael Jackson driver's license. Via tmz.
Michael Jackson driver's license
Michael Jackson driver’s license. Via tmz.

Kids, I want you all to look at the above photo and shed a tear. It is the sight of a man who went through hell and back. A man who dug deep inside of himself to find the essence of himself. A man who metaphorically raped himself so we could feed off his harvest. Or perhaps it’s just a man having a bad day. Or many bad days.

Lo and behold, this is Michael Jackson living and looking worse for wear.

Thank you tmz for bringing this relic to our attention just in case none us really remembers how terribly tortured this most brilliant man and artist was in real life. Only through his art did he really excel even if he stumbled over and over in his personal life. Such are the treacherous journey’s of being a world savior….

Michael Jackson driver's license
Michael Jackson driver’s license.
Michael Jackson driver's license
Michael Jackson driver’s license in better days, during the 80’s.
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  • Jamie B

    Top comment above, well done, very kind and sympathetic, he didn’t deserve to go though what he did in his later years…

  • Kami

    if this kind of half face photo is allowed in ur country for a legal document such as a driver’s licence, than your country’s laws are really useless. In my so called Balcan country we have very strict rules of what a document photo is allowed to look like.
    TMZ only cares about money, any kid can tell you that and if you believe what they serve you with, you left your brains someplace other than ur head…. -.-

  • yasmin sayyid

    i think u need help and may god guide u to the right therapist, coz its a shame!!!

  • WinstonsDog

    Learn to spell, retard – it’s jerk with an ‘e’.
    Wacco was a multimillionaire and could afford to rebuff any accusation with good old dollars. He was also screwed up in such a way by his dad beating the crap out of him as a kid, he decided he didn’t like black oppressors so decided to become white and the only way to do this was to get some skin bleaching work done. He had his cheek bones done, chin bone done and his willy made bigger with the excess from his nose job.
    You need proof? Look at the main photo. That is one sicko SOB.

  • WinstonsDog

    Could have been worse I suppose. He could have called him mohammed. (lower case ‘m’ intentional)
    Have a nice day y’all.

  • yasmin sayyid

    even if he chooses to name the child doormat, comforter, curtain its his prerogative and we have no right to judge him or bring him down, haven’t we done enough? really haven’t we??? anyways i hope because u close your eyes and go to sleep tonight u will find it a place in ur heart and say a prayer for the Martin family ,M. J. Jackson, the BOB MARLEY FAMILY, THE 2PAC AMARU FAMILY, THE CORY MONTEITH & THE MANY WHO HAVENNT BEEN FORGOTTEN FAMILY and like 2PAC said ” i will rather die like a man than a coward”!! Peace and love and hope u have urself a wonderful nite/day wherever u are, take care :). PEACE IS AN ILLUSION THESE DAYS BUT FOR THOSE OF US WHO BELIEVE IN IT MAY WE CONTINUE TO LIVE IT AND FEEL IT IN OUR SOULS REGARDLESS OF IT BEING A MIRAGE, JAH BLESS Y’ALL AND take care PEACE!!!!.

  • INI

    first of all, it wasn’t any evidence and that was why he didn’t go to jail and the kid that blamed him has now told every one that he lied. And second of all, Michael had Vitiligo that made him white, his face got thinner cause he got older(he did two operations on his nose) and he had makeup cause when his skin turned white he didn’t want to have spots from the black skin left cause that would have looked not so nice. You and all the other haters belive what ever the tabloids says and even if we have proof that he where innocent(Like everything on camera) you wouldn’t belive it any way cause you are to ignorant to understand. Have proof before you judge people jurk!

  • joe

    I am sure MJ was a pedophile, too much evidence…way to bvious…where there is smoke there is fire…his music was so so and he looked so freakishly bad…OMG. any other 40 yr old man wearing makeup have lil boy sleepovers would be in jail. DEAD PEDOPHILE

  • xbj

    Serial pedophile. DEAD serial pedophile. Tried to surgically make himself into a representation of a ten-year boy so he wouldn’t FEEL like a pedophile and THINK that what he did to his boyfriends wasn’t criminal. Didn’t work.

  • Bammer

    Kind of over-reacting aren’t you? The photo doesn’t look that bad to me. I mean especially for a driver’s license. C’mon get real.

  • WinstonsDog

    He named his kid “Blanket”. WTF ??

  • WinstonsDog

    Terribly tortured?

    Last line reads:
    Such are the treacherous journey’s of being a world savior….

    So, pray tell, who or what did Wacco Jacco actually save?

  • Alexander

    Michael though the world may not have been fair to you, we who believe in you as the world’s greatest humanitarian forever hold you in our heart. Michael, you were the world greatest. Rest in peace

  • jchatttttt

    let the man rest in peace!

  • Fitzwilly

    I concur, Michael Jackson was a genius. I wish everyone would just leave he and his oddities alone. May you rest in peace Michael…

  • NOT only in his art Michael Jackson IS brilliant. You must have missed it while reading tmz BS. Michael Jackson IS and has always been very HOT, first off. Then that photo was taken during the 2005 trial, the most terrible moment of his life, so NO surprise he was so upset after the disgusting lies made up against him. And so thank you tmz for nothing. Only the usual BS to make hits.