Home Pop Culture Is Scarlett Johansson leaked photo sentence of ten years too harsh?

Is Scarlett Johansson leaked photo sentence of ten years too harsh?

Scarlett Johansson
Scarlett Johansson leaked images.
Scarlett Johansson
Scarlett Johansson leaked images.

Computer hacker who leaked nude photos of Scarlett Johansson gets 10 years.

Since a court ruling this past Monday that reckoned 35 year old Florida man Christopher Chaney was guilty of nine felony counts of computer hacking and wiretapping for the accounts of 50 individuals including Scarlett Johansson and Christina Aguilera commentators have been crying foul that the punishment of ten years was quite excessive.

Johansson herself upon hearing the verdict expressed relief arguing that she had truly been humiliated and she called the actions of Chaney ‘perverted and reprehensible.’

Christina Aguilera in a taped a message played for the court offered the following:

“That feeling of security can never be given back and there is no compensation that can restore the feeling one has from such a large invasion of privacy.”

Nevertheless many have gone on to argue that there are many who rape individuals who draw 7 year sentences and such sentencing ought to be kept in perspective.

Others on the other hand wondered had those perpetrated not been celebrities or famous individuals in the first place if the case would have merited simply a suspended sentence, if that, whilst others wondered if the privacy of celebrities per se is worth more than that of the general public’s privacy.

Then there those who contemplated how media outlets who have knowingly hacked information of individuals (ie Rupert Murdoch’s media outlets) were essentially let off with discretionary fines, never mind financial institutions guilty of fraud or illegitimate behavior with graver consequences. Never mind that the media outlets who chose to run the images (I have chosen to run censored images) were dealt no consequences what so ever then again that raises the question ought one be punished for reproducing content that becomes readily available in public, even if illegally attained?

Of course all the above is true and makes one wonder, but perhaps the most compelling attitude is the following comment I came across on the web:

I don’t want to trivialise rape. But these guys are essentially the same, they get off on terrorising and controlling a helpless woman. One did it physically to one woman and got 7 years, another did it to psychologically to 50 women and got 10. You might think the rapist deserves more, and maybe he does, but if you think bringing at least one of 50 victims to the point of attempting suicide isn’t worth more than community service you need to re-examine your priorities.

Scarlett Johansson leaked images.
Scarlett Johansson leaked images.


  1. She loves garbage.
    Posing nude and putting on your device
    and wanting it to not be found is foolish
    and she is like 30ish and she also does not want to be a sex symbol,
    yet dresses like one.
    She is a hypocrite crybaby
    and she knows it too.

  2. History shows that “leaked” nude pics/video of celebs usually help the star. While this is an invasion of her privacy, 10 years seems harsh for something that probably boosted her star.

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