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Computer hacker who leaked nude photos of Scarlett Johansson gets 10 years.

Scarlett Johansson
Scarlett Johansson
 Scarlett Johansson
Scarlett Johansson

Is Scarlett Johansson leaked photo sentence of ten years too harsh?

Christopher Chaney was sentenced to ten years after pleading guilty to nine felony counts earlier this year, including identity theft, wiretapping and unauthorized access after leaking images of nude women on line, including that of film actress, Scarlett Johansson and pop singer Christina Aguilera.

Reports the UK’s dailymail: The depth of his hacking – which kept the unemployed Chaney glued to his computer screen for days at a time – enabled him to witness exchanges between celebrities, their family members and their doctors.

In all he was accused of illegally accessing the private information of around 50 stars with virtually no technical computer training.

Not bad for a novice indeed, but of course bad news for anyone who values their privacy and harbors the view that what they do on the web is only between themselves and the intended party.

He explained that getting into their emails had been relatively easy – using Google and the ‘I forgot my password’ button.

After trying out combinations of A-listers’ names to find working email addresses, he reset account passwords by researching pet names, where they were born and went to school.

Chaney told GQ: ‘You feel like you’ve seen something that the rest of the world wanted to see. But you’re the only one that’s seen it.’

He added: ‘I don’t want to compare it to throwing a touchdown pass… but it was a rush.’

Christopher Chaney and Scarlett Johansson
Guilty: Christopher Chaney will be ordered to pay his victims restitution for hacking their email accounts upon his sentencing at the end of July according to new court papers filed in California. It is reported that he will be ordered to pay Scarlett Johansson over $66,000 for releasing nude pictures of her online

Other fun information Chaney came up with also included being privy to which male actors were hiding the fact that they were gay for the sake of their careers.

According to court testimony a deluge of  images were forwarded to two gossip websites and another hacker, but there was not any evidence that he profited from his scheme, authorities said.

Of course what has struck this author is interesting is the reaction of many commentators who have argued that the sentencing was out of kilter with other security breach and privacy crimes and the fact that performers like Johansson seek ‘free’ publicity. Then again it’s one thing to seek free publicity of one’s film career but another thing all together of what goes on behind closed doors. Let’s not confuse the role of performers as that as the be all and end all of complete public spectacle, in the end they are human with their own need to privacy and identity outside of those wrought by the media and peeping toms…

During the sentencing, Chaney was also ordered to pay $76,000 in restitution to Johansson, Aguilera and Renee Olstead.

Scarlett Johansson
Scarlett Johansson hacked photos.

Then there were the following comments on the web that caught my eye too:

What he did was reprehensible.  However, 10 years seems a very stiff sentence, and I wonder if it had been just ordinary people and not people with money and clout, if 10 years would have been the punishment.


That’s not what people have a problem with. The problem people have is that the privacy of celebrities is worth more than the privacy of everyone else. Had he done this to his regular friends and family, he probably wouldn’t even see the inside of a jail cell.


I don’t want to trivialise rape. But these guys are essentially the same, they get off on terrorising and controlling a helpless woman. One did it physically to one woman and got 7 years, another did it to psychologically to 50 women and got 10. You might think the rapist deserves more, and maybe he does, but if you think bringing at least one of 50 victims to the point of attempting suicide isn’t worth more than community service you need to re-examine your priorities.

Scarlett Johansson
Scarlett Johansson



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  • Mark

    So, if Scarlett is so worried about people seeing her nipples. why take the selfies to begin with, much less email them?

  • Doug White

    Actually little children learn, unlike our boy Randy……

  • hneftafl

    Scarlet is taking naked pictures of herself. What a perv!!

  • John Dooms

    …and why are they so obsessed with themselves that they’re taking nude photos of themselves?

  • John Dooms

    Agreed – there’s an endless number of pornstars who look better than she does, and you get to see them F.

  • John Dooms

    Look at the obsessive con still crying about losing – LOL! Like little children.

  • John Dooms

    I always thought that the most telling thing about Scarlet’s photos was the revelation about how self=obsessed she is with her body. Her recent roles have echoed this, which is why they seldom feel authentic anymore. She’s too caught up in her image. I hope that changes.

  • Guest

    She ain’t so muckin futch. Not worth 10 mins, let alone 10 years.

  • ashenshuga

    What pisses me off more than some arsehole posting naked pictures of celebs online, is people censoring said pictures online!

    Bloody inconsiderate i say!

  • mcgrimus

    If I got naked pictures of Scarlett Johansonn, there would be some leaking.

  • bewitched

    And why are you reposting these private photos that were hacked??? What does that make you, S&V?

  • Walter Lawrence

    What an idiot !! He gets 10 years in prison for showing nude photos of an average looking woman ? Time to get off the damn computer and go outside and DO something worthwhile. Personally, I cannot think of anything less productive than looking at photos of someone you are neever going to meet.

  • Lord Whiteman

    True, and it has to be that way if we want to have freedom of the press,
    However, Murdoch was bribing police and government officials in order to get peoples passwords. That’s a much more serious crime.

  • Thats what that ugly obama voter gets

  • scallywag

    True, but the media have always danced a fine line of proprietary and abusing privacy laws. The media is on thin ice, we will see harsh laws enacted ensuring the privacy of high profile members of the public. See Kate Middleton nude pix scandal:


  • Lord Whiteman

    Rupert Murdoch did 100 times worse then this guy and yet Murdoch didn’t even get a slap on the wrist.

  • lucas1235

    FTA: “Of course what has struck this author is interesting is the reaction of many commentators who have argued that the sentencing was out of kilter with other security breach and privacy crimes and the fact that performers like Johansson seek ‘free’ publicity.”

    I wasn’t thinking that at all. I was thinking: “What are these celebraties (or anyone) doing that they’re emailing nude photos of themselves and expecting that none of them will ever be publicized?”