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New Orleans Beauty Guru films post claiming her father raped her. But did he really?

New Orleans Beauty Guru, Brie Lybrand.
New Orleans Beauty Guru, Brie Lybrand.
New Orleans Beauty Guru, Brie Lybrand.
New Orleans Beauty Guru, Brie Lybrand.

Is she telling the truth?

Brie Lybrand a popular video blogger and self proclaimed beauty guru as well former New Orleans beauty pageant has come out and made a video post on youtube (see below) in which she claims her father raped her from the ages of 4 till 13. The post she claims was made pursuant to her finding out that her father had now become a subscriber of her youtube posts.

Says Ms Lybrand:

“My father, Steven Bressler, molested, tortured, and raped me from the time I was 4 till I was 13 years old,”

Appearing disheveled and unkempt the usually pristine Lybrand continued:

“I just got an email from YouTube saying the man that raped me for most of my life subscribed to me. The man that took my virginity, robbed me of innocence, has subscribed to me on YouTube and is watching my videos.” 

The post goes on in graphic detail about the many terrible things allegedly perpetrated by her father before Lybrand takes out a stockpile of weapons she says are “loaded and ready” in case he ever comes back.

Hardly the beauty accoutrements her followers had anticipated.

Despite the severity of the assertions and the demeanor of Ms Lybrand, gawkergoes on to note that some have questioned the veracity of the video post pointing out her background in acting whilst maintaining Ms Lybrand’s history of consistently making video posts that document her beauty treatments and shopping sprees in keeping with her genuineness.

Either way Ms Lybrand has achieved the impossible, bringing new attention to her video posts, becoming a tabloid must read story, the visibility of the actress that she always insisted she was and the maniacal fuck you warning to her perpetrator whether he exists in actuality, in her imagination or perhaps in our imagination….

That said I’ve pulled up some comments from gawker that caught my attention:


Gimme a fucking break. Seriously, it’s tragic when a girl gets raped, but this one’s full of shit. I’m sorry to all the ladies that have really endured this, but unfortunately, this one’s fake. The misfortune of the internet is that anybody can present any persona they like. This is a great example. You can tell in mannerisms. Sniffing and no tears? The “Stay out of my way, I’ll stay out of yours” attitude. What is this, the Wild West? Statements like that aren’t typically statements of a rape victim, but more of someone who was bullied. I can believe that. But, rape? No.

At least she said one thing real. She’s an actor. 🙂


i hate to be that guy, but this has fake written all over it. i would like it to be fake.


I don’t understand why everybody is thinking it’s fake. it might be, but then again, I totally see why she would make this video. Because she saw him subscribe to her channel and IT IS terrifying. For him to show up like that, she might think he decided to stalk her now, try to find her. She is fucking scared. Wouldn’t you be? She knew he would see it and she wanted to be protected, so there is documentation of what happened, with his name. She wants to spook him so he doesn’t show up at her door.


Noooo not this time Gawker. I watched the damn Otter video, you can’t make me watch this one too!



  1. Yeah, because assuming someone is guilty without evidence, demonizing them, ruining their life and career…that makes you so much better. How about you shelve your self-righteous white-knight bullshit and actual look at facts and proof instead of your feelings, which have no basis in reality.

  2. Because no actress has ever been raped in the history of humanity right. Many rape cases rely on circumstantial evidence. Why don’t you explain how the fk she was supposed to give you satisfactory irrefutable evidence of her historical rape from between the ages of 4 – 13. Was she supposed to set up a fkg video camera or wear a wire? Did you do any research. The actual court docs & decisions are online. You dont think toddlers get molested, and the abuse escalates to rape as the child gets older. What a smug self satisfied piece of trash you are.

  3. Pathetic.

    She’s not faking it because “she should just be believed”? Truly pathetic.

    Right now she’s a KNOWN actress who’s put up a very suspicious video
    on Youtube in which she’s provided no factual basis for her story and
    keeps trying to play it up.


    – Threatened to shoot a guy who subscribed to her Youtube account
    because apparently he has the same name as her father. Even though, by
    her own admission, he would have had knowledge of her whereabouts for

    – Claimed that she was raped at the age of 4 years old. And while
    *beep* horrifying, is strangely enough an insanely rare occurrence due
    to the severe *beep* physical problems that occur that she would have
    required medical attention for at the time. 4 years olds might be a well
    rounded age to trigger a fallacious emotional response in people to
    ignore any possible logical thought that her claims might be suspect but
    that doesn’t stop reality.

    From those two dodgy claims her position is already suspicious. But hey, people are raped and sometimes they act this way.

    But strangely enough…

    The only evidence brought forward are a stock photo of an abused
    woman that, WHOOPS, reverse Google images comes up with matches
    regarding that existed BEFORE her fake video. On top of which is that
    she just happened to have kept a polaroid of her mother all these years
    and not a single dent or fade of the colour. To the point that the white
    border around the polaroid is pearl white.

    Another mysterious plot twist is that polaroids were not used much,
    if at all, during the late 90’s. But hey, I guess since she should be
    believed on her word then she must be some super-coincidental woman.

    If not for the small problem that despite these “coincidences”, she
    (despite her ability to take and upload media) doesn’t have access to a
    scanner to upload her *beep* “evidence”. Relying of PICTURES she took OF
    the polaroid and the court document as proof. How strange, since that
    gets rid of a great deal of detailed legitimacy to defend herself. Hmm.

    The “court document” is NOTHING like an actual court notification
    document and includes nothing of a court divorce hearing. She’s clearly
    found one on the net and printed it out, forgetting that it needs stamps
    and certification for it to be real.

    WHOOPS again.

    Am I going too fast with tearing apart her *beep* story? No?

    Well perhaps *beep* morons like yourself, along with the other
    *beep* idiots out there unable to see past their own ignorance, should
    stop making a *beep* mockery of REAL rape victims by giving your *beep*
    support to attention whore wannabe actresses who pretend to have been

    Ignoring that any Youtube user with that name, along with anyone
    with that name (including an unrelated Council member who is currently
    being harassed and threatened by this womans “fans” despite absolutely
    no affiliation), will be getting the brunt of this idiots hate. She
    makes a MOCKERY of ACTUAL rape victims. You know, those victims who
    actually went through real violation instead of fake made up *beep* to
    garner Youtube hits.

    Children who were raped and molested. This bitch makes a mockery of
    them by pretending to suffer through what they ACTUALLY have just to
    gain a few Youtube hits.

    And worse still is idiots like you who support her *beep* pathetic
    cam-whoring idiocy just because you don’t understand the concept that
    IT TRUE.

  4. This is the problem. Perpetrators of child molestation are often very clever at hiding their abuse and getting their victims to stay silent about what went on by psychologically manipulating the children. So many of these incidents stay under the radar–I’m sure there is plenty of evidence that she was sexually abused after she was taken away from her father at the age of 13, but before that, how was anyone supposed to know to use a rape kit on a 4 or 5 year old? Was she supposed to have a camera in her bedroom set up to tape him raping her? Think about what providing solid evidence in the case of molestation entails, especially when its by your own father when you’re so young. Children are the perfect victims and her father–a lawyer–knew this very well.

  5. The fact that Brie’s veracity is even questioned demonstrates how ignorant so many Americans are about childhood sexual abuse. It happens way more than you would like to think, and so many people don’t stick up for themselves because its such a taboo topic. Brie did not post this video to gain attention and new subscribers to her YouTube site, nor to demonstrate her ‘acting’ abilities–there was no acting in this video, that was purely raw emotions. She posted this video to open up about her past and to show her father that he can no longer hide from or deny the pain that he caused her. Talking about your story is not only therapeutic, but it also provides other rape/incest/molestation victims with comfort knowing that they’re not alone, that there’s hope for the future, and that you don’t have to let years of abuse define who you are or what you’re capable of achieving. Thank you Brie for sharing your story.

  6. Brie’s family has a fairly easy to follow internet imprint, including parent’s divorce. The divorce was granted on basis of ‘cruel and inhumane treatment’.

    There’s a forclosure case that includes the family bussiness, Brie’s grandparents and her parents. The forclosure includes the parents pre and post divorce. It includes the address of the forclosed property located in a NOLA surburb.

    There is also a law suite to recover attorney’s fees involving the above family members and forclosed property.

    Brie’s youtube account has been up since 2006, includes family members in some of her earlier youtube vidoes at the same beauty guru site. The vidoes depict an attractive, well educated, stable and successful young women over a 6yr period.

    The father is a graduate of an elite private school in NOLA. He held positions in NOLA city court system, and has a law degree.

    Steve Bresler has issued a statement that Brie is the daughter he has not seen since her childhood. He denies everything.

    If living well is the best revenge, Brie Lybrand has mastered revenge.

    Brie is a rock star survivor.

    I’ve never been prouder to claim NOLA as my home.

  7. If she’s acting then she deserves an academy award or a defamation suit. There is no way of knowing right now. She attacked Bressler’s second wife, but how does she know that Glenda is even aware of what happened, if the abuse indeed did happen.

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