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Man confesses his wife forces him to wear chastity belt when she goes away on business trips.

Penis chastity belt
Penis chastity belt
Penis chastity belt
Penis chastity belt

Here’s something that’s got me wondering via reddit whether the power of the sexes has taken an interesting turn for the worse better…

reddit: My wife goes on business trips and is very paranoid that if she doesn’t have her eyes on me every second of every day, I’ll fuck anything that moves. I’m a loving husband and a father and I love her… but I don’t know how to deal with her. I don’t want a divorce, I don’t believe in therapy (and if I suggested it, she’d bitch about it and accuse me of trying to divorce her).

We have 2 kids and she says she wants another so she wants me “fertile”.. .that’s her excuse. I do not like this thing… at all. It chafes and I get no satisfaction from it. I’m also paranoid that someone will find out. To top it off, i have to sit and pee… so it get’s really awkward at work if people think I have to take lots of shits all day.

I know this isn’t /r/advice but I just wanted to dump this shit out here and confess to the world before I lose my mind. I haven’t told anyone else.

Here’s an image of me in it (NSFW) http://i.imgur.com/lxi1h.jpg so you guys know what I’m talking about.

I’m fucking depressed 🙁 I’m guilty I can’t man up and tell her to stop it…….

edit: Just to clarify. NO, I’ve never cheated on her.

No, I don’t have a porn addiction

No, we arent sadists


Well at least he’s depressed, but then again perhaps he ought to feel liberated that he has given his masculinity that probably brought his wife to him in the first place under her firm control? Then again she’s the bread winner so maybe there was never a real sense of masculinity to begin with?

Which raises another question, does this man realize he’s been abused or this some sick perverted interesting game which is suppose to heighten her sexual arousal towards him when she gets back in town and vice versa?

Of course this also raises the question whilst hubby is being literally sequestered what’s wifey doing whilst she’s on her ‘business’ trips? Does she invite other men to her boudoir knowing full well that her man is desperately waiting for her to return to liberate him? And if so is that what we call female empowerment? On the flip even though she knows she’s got her man under nuts and bolts doesn’t that also on some level disgust her that she’s been able to reign her man in? Which is to say if a man’s masculinity is what often turns a woman on, can one reasonably argue his emasculation now turns her on? But how long will that last before she goes looking for a ‘real’ man? Which also raises another question, what is a real man these days?

And then there was these two comment via reddit (you definitely owe it to yourself to go read all the other comments) that caught my attention as well:

Grab some boltcutters and get that thing off immediately. You have convinced yourself that this is not that crazy, but it is. It’s really fucken crazy. You need to take back your dignity now.

Also, consider hiring a private investigator to find out if she’s cheating on you. Normally this would be a little insane, but after all her distrust in you, I’d say you’ve fucken earned it.


It’s not sudden. That’s like the abused girl saying “he was so sweet, always wanting the best for me, until suddenly he just started hitting me out of the blue. But I stayed anyway.” That’s you. You’re being psychologically AND physically abused. It wasn’t out of the blue. She’s been manipulating you for years to the point where you would think it alright to start doing this. Two people in a mutually respecting and loving relationship wouldn’t do this because the spouse being asked to do this would say “what the fuck? No.” and that would be that. You need to cut it off, document EVERYTHING, and file for divorce. If you don’t, then I pity you for how much she’s now dominated you. Also, she’s definitely getting her holes stuffed on the side. No question about it.

Additional commentary via jezebel


  1. If he stays with her – he is f*cked… …for life, Worst: he doesn’t even believe that a therapy helps. I’d say she either enters a therapy (plus, he has to enter a therapy to escape her ways) or else he should leave directly. This wife is somewhat abnormal… . He can find a better wife, I am sure.

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