Home Pop Culture Mallory Owens reckons her beating was not a hate crime.

Mallory Owens reckons her beating was not a hate crime.

Mallory Owens
Mallory Owens
Mallory Owens
Mallory Owens

Mallory Owens’ attacker Travis Hawkins Jr now faces potential attempted murder charges.

Mallory Owens’ attacker’s father denies hate crime. Welcomed her with open arms.

Lesbian brutally beaten by girlfriend’s brother at Thanksgiving dinner cause he disapproved of relationship.

In a surprise revelation Mallory Owens has today revealed that her beating at the hands of her girlfriend, Alex Hawkins’ brother, Travis Hawkins Jr was not a hate crime.

Tells Owens: “A lot of things have happened between us, but it doesn’t make me hate her brother,” said Owens. “I don’t hate her family at all, or anybody for that matter.”

She also then went on to say that a lot of things went on that night, that she can’t remember much and that the assault she experienced was not because she was gay.

Interestingly Alex Hawkins has gone on to add that although she does not condone her brother’s actions, he nevertheless had his reasons for attacking her girlfriend Mallory Owens. Those reasons Alex Hawkins opined would be released at a later date.

Said Alex Hawkins: “It’s not a hate crime at all. We both know the reason why this happened, and it doesn’t make any excuses for him, I’m not defending him at all. I know why he was angry, and that will come out.”

Which raises the following question, what legitimate reason could possibly exist that would merit Mallory Owens being pummeled in the face to the point of experiencing skull fractures, lacerations and a broken nose? Are we to now believe that a legitimate reason exists for such behavior? Aren’t Mallory Owens and Alex Hawkins in essence condoning abuse against their gender? If not a hate crime, at least it’s a violent assault that ought to merit punishment, or is there more that meets the eye that has yet to be revealed?

More details are released when Travis Hawkins goes to court on December 10th for his arraignment.

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  1. So was she in the hospital and had surgerys?is she out at her girlfriends house rite after she has all these surgerys cuz of him? How did she get to the hospital?where was everyone and her girlfriend when all this happened? what is the real reason?

  2. This sucks and it doesn’t matter why he did it. This womans life has been ruined forever. I’ve seen the before pictures.Noone has the right to ruin anothers life like this.

  3. We are told its not a hate crime, then why did he do it? Why is this scumbag and his parents not telling what his motive was? We are simply told its not a hate crime and that should be the end of it??? If we are being told its not a hate crime and then given no other information, then I would say it was a hate crime and this is a moronic attempt to cloud the issues of this being a hate crime.

    Look at the girls face, this was definitely a hate crime, you don’t destroy a beautiful defenseless woman for no reason, what did she eat all the white meat and he snapped ? This man deserves some serious payback, he should be stuck in jail and pummeled bloody and broken repeatedly and then be given a broom handle up the backside, he needs to feel some serious pain!


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