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Lesbian brutally beaten by girlfriend’s brother at Thanksgiving dinner cause he disapproved of relationship.

Mallory Owens and Alex Hawkins.
Mallory Owens and Alex Hawkins. Inset picture Mallory Owens after sustaining her injuries.
Mallory Owens and Alex Hawkins.
Mallory Owens and Alex Hawkins. Inset picture Mallory Owens after sustaining her injuries.

Mallory Owens’ attacker Travis Hawkins Jr now faces potential attempted murder charges.

Mallory Owens’ attacker’s father denies hate crime. Welcomed her with open arms.

Mallory Owens reckons her beating was not a hate crime.

It is being reported that a 23 year old woman, Mallory Owens was brutally beaten by her girlfriend’s brother because he didn’t approve of his sister’s relationship.

The beating came after Alex Hawkins brought her lover, Mallory Owens to a family Thanksgiving dinner which led to her 18 year old brother Travis Hawkins Jr taking intense displeasure at the fact that she was involved in a lesbian relationship. It is said after the dinner, Travis Hawkins knocked Mallory Owens to the floor before proceeding to savagely pummel her face with his fists.

Said Kristi Taylor, Mallory Owen’s mother: “He tried to kill her. He’s lucky he didn’t kill her. She’s lucky to be alive. I didn’t recognize her when I got here. It’s hard to look at her like that.”

Pursuant to the beating the young woman was hospitalized and treated for a broken nose and numerous lacerations as well multiple skull fractures. Her eyes were swollen shut after the brutal beating and she had to receive facial reconstruction surgery.

According to Kristi Taylor there had been ongoing friction between her daughter and that of the Hawkins family who dissented over their daughter’s relationship with Mallory Owens.

Media outlet WKRG-TV reports that earlier this year, Hawkins allegedly hit Miss Owens over the head with a pipe wrench. While injured during that attack, no charges at the time were filed.

Mallory Owens
Mallory Owens

Upon hearing that her daughter would be joining the Hawkins family for thanksgiving dinner, Kristi Taylor urged her daughter otherwise: ‘I did not want her to go, I begged her not to go, knowing how the family felt about her. But she said, “They’re trying to be nice.”‘

Since the brutal beating a Facebook group entitled ‘Charge Travis Hawkins Jr with the attempted murder of Mallory Owens’ has sprung up on Facebook, garnering nearly 600 likes in less than a day.

But it gets worse, according to Miss Owens’ sister Avery Godwin, she told AL.com that Travis Hawkins later called her on Friday to say ‘that he would finish what he started last night with Mallory.’

WKRG goes on to report that discord within the Hawkins family has been an ongoing state of affairs with the revelation that Travis Hawkins was hospitalized in January of 2011 after allegedly being shot in the chest by his father, Travis Hawkins Sr.

The outlet goes on to report that Travis Hawkins Sr was later released on bail and the case was never brought to trial after his son refused to testify against him.

Since the attack, Travis Hawkins Jr has been arrested by authorities and charged with second degree assault and consequently later released the same day after making bond. Although some reckon he ought to be charged with attempted murder as well as perpetrating a hate crime, something that Mallory Owen’s family has at present declined to pursue.

Mallory Owens
Mallory Owens

Complicating the pursuit of hate crime charges against Travis Hawkins Jr is the fact that Alabama state where the incident took place at present doesn’t include sexual orientation in its hate crimes statute. One can only wonder why? Pressure is now mounting that Federal authorities now step up and apply pressure for hate crime charges to be applied.

Commented D.A. Ashley Rich“We’re on top of this, and we’re making sure that the case is proceeding down the criminal path,”

“We are assessing her injuries, everything regarding her hospital stay. But at this time, he is charged with causing serious physical injuries to her, which is assault second degree under the laws of the State of Alabama.”

Travis Hawkins Jr
Travis Hawkins Jr

Since the attack, AL is reporting that the Owens family has set up an account to send donations to help pay for their daughter’s surgery and hospital time. Although she will be released yesterday, she will have to return to the University of South Alabama Medical Center on Thursday to consult a plastic surgeon for her injuries.

What’s equally disturbing is why the story took concerted efforts from one Facebook user Sonia Mason to make it to the mainstream press, having only made headlines 4 days after the incident first took place.

Ultimately one has to wonder how such a crime was able to be perpetrated in the first place and why for that matter the state of Alabama does not have a clause for assault against another human being strictly because of their sexual orientation classified as a hate crime? Then again that may tell us something about the general attitude towards same sex couples in certain quarters of the country and the implicit state condoning of such behavior and attitudes which to some degree embolden intolerance towards same sex couples.

One also wonders about the general degree of dysfunction in the family and the malicious behavior of male role models in the Hawkins family, which may suggest a lot why Alex Hawkins chose to be a lesbian in the first place…

At present the following petition to support Mallory Owens and bring her attacker to justice has also been created:



  1. I’ve attended Thanskgiving dinners with my cousins in Philadelphia- aren’t they supposed to be times for goodwill and families coming together???

  2. It’s not a club that you can kick people out of because you don’t think they fit the standards you imagine for the group. There are relatively nice Christians and asshole Christians, just like there are relatively nice people and asshole people. These are the asshole type of each.

  3. Gay men often do not choose their orientation; however, female sexuality is fluid and women CAN AND DO choose. Less polemic; less hurt feelings. More direct observation and science, please.

  4. My hairdresser is lesbian. She told me four nights ago, of her relationship with her girlfriend, and yet her unusually detailed knowledge of how straight men think and operate, “I had to become gay ’cause I wear the pants in a relationship, and with men that wasn’t happenin’.” Her own words. Verbatim.


  5. Good job Alabama. Still living in the 50’s. Guns, hate and Roll-Tide are the only thing that matters to those people.

  6. I assure you they are not Christian. They may say they’re Christian, but that title is earned by people through their actions, not their words, and clearly these were not the actions of a Christian.

  7. And I’ll add, what you’re doing is using the infinitum “never” which again, is patently stupid. There are few places in life that “never” and “always” apply, utilizing them to describe human behavior is not one of them.

  8. Wrong and wrong. It may not be a choice for the vast majority of people, but to assert that 100% of every case of a homosexual relationship involved no choice whatsoever is patently stupid. People have done far more dramatic things to get back at bad parents and growing up in a broken, dysfunctional home. Get a clue.

  9. Oh come on, you can’t say everyone who participates in a homosexual lifestyle is born that way. It IS possible for some people to CHOOSE that lifestyle.
    What bothers me is what’s the hubbub about hate crime. This jackass should be in jail, period. You don’t beat ANYONE like that and be free.

  10. Poor choice of words for the closing statement. No one ‘chooses’ their sexual orientation. Ruins the entire piece.

  11. Oh, I’m sorry for this happen…It’s wrong to do that. But I want to tell you about “heartbroken”. I believe heartbroken is very serious thing to do, even it may lead to suicide or crazy. I notice often gay people (both, men and women) like to act ignore all heartbroken people. For example, if mom and dad are heartbroken about their son or daughter is unlock himself to open that he is gay. That make parent, sibling or relative feel don’t comfortable about it, gay people should respect it, but often of them like to “invade” or “wedge” in this family that is not ready to accept. if gay people can see family or relative don’t feel any comfortable, then leave them alone…if family or relative call son or daughter to come to visit without their lover, he or she should respect that, but often gay people insisted to bring their lover to get involved this family, that make them feel don’t comfortable…that’s what will lead to violence. Remember in vocabulary, “rape” is a FORCE to act against other person’s will. That mean, Gay people are possible responsible for force family or relative to accept that they are gay, that’s rape. If you want to save lives, TRY respect others people’s feeling, not forcible wedged in their lives. I know gay man who has dad is really very redneck, so, he wanted to see his dad when his dad is in tavern in town, but his mother told him do not go to see him because he is still very heartbroken about you being gay. But he was stubborn and still insist to see his dad at tavern, once he enter tavern where his dad is, then dad saw him in tavern, and people were look at his son, then turn look at him who actually his son…so, his dad feel so humiliated as he got really red on his face…then he roared and ran and attacked at him quickly, then swing him. So, his dad beat him up…If he listen to his mother, he would be fine and let his dad be. but he didn’t. that’s how he got beat very badly….for people who are gay, PLEASE try to respect and leave alone who had heartbroken for long time…Heartbroken is not funny, but seem to me, I notice some gay people thought heartbroken is nothing. If Mallory Owen notice her girlfriend’s brother don’t feel comfortable or disapprove, Mallory don’t go to her girlfriend’s family till everyone accepted both. if she respect and leave them alone, Mallory would fine and alive as good…but she didn’t, she was insist to join them as wedged in her girlfriend’s family. If you want to save gay people, try to respect and leave people who are heartbroken…Please try to let them heal their heartbroken…

  12. This is ridiculous debate between people who all agree about the horror and injustice of this attack. It doesn’t matter if you view homosexuality as a choice or a biological fact–that doesn’t change the moral implications of this crime or any of the other discrimination and injustice that gay people experience. Those who support the gay community shouldn’t be preaching dogmatism just for the sake of sounding more righteous. The fact is that while biology clearly plays a role in one’s sexual identity, people DO make choices about their behavior and relationships as well. Just as some biologically gay people sometimes choose to have heterosexual relationships (to fit in, to “pass”, or because they legitimately fall in love with someone despite their “orientation”), some biologically heterosexual people choose to have gay relationships, sometimes for emotional reasons, sometimes for physical/sexual reasons, sometimes for social and political reasons. This is especially true among women, who sometimes identify such relationships with their feminism or their social values. If you don’t believe this, then you haven’t actually spent much time in the gay community. Regardless of why someone is in a same-sex relationship, this kind of brutality is repugnant to humanity.

  13. “…which may suggest a lot why Alex Hawkins chose to be a lesbian in the first place…”

    You had me up until here. Chose to be a lesbian… c’mon scallywag

  14. On a different note:

    I saw that the family is setting up an account to donate money to cover medical expenses. I wasn’t able to find a link to the account. Any chance the intrepid reporter has a (verified) link so I could donate?

  15. I agree with the wondering of weither or not this girl chose to bring her girlfriend to dinner as a way to get back at her family. Clearly they are southern christian, lunatics and based on her lack of a healthy father figure rebellion of this sort would not surprise me.

    Although it may not have affected her choice to be a lesbian we dont even know if she is a lesbian. This article and nothing I have read have stated that she is exclusively gay. Maybe she identifies as bisexual and her bringing home her girlfriend was a way for her to lash out at her family.

    I personally believe that any form of hate crimes are intolerable and that goes for online bullying as well. To call for someones castration based off of a comment they made while setting up a intelectual dialect around a current event is immature to say the least.

    You shouldn’t be so hard on Scallywag GraceWells. Simply starting a dialect does not cement ones opinion on the matter.

    Sexual orientation is not a choice in my opinion, however bringing her girlfriend home for the holidays was Alex’s choice. I wonder why she made that choice when she knew that her family didn’t aprove and that her brother had previously attached Mallory. Why did Alex deliberately put her girlfriend in danger. That is what I think sound be discussed rather than Alex’s sexuality.

    Regardless of the situation the truth of the matter is that hate crimes are real weather Alabama wants to admit it or not. This family especially Travis deserve the justice thats coming to them. Let us hope it is swift.


  16. I hope that not to be the case as I find Travis’s actions reprehensible.

    With respect to what informs ones sexuality whether it’s natural choice or the result of decision making is in this author’s opinion up for grabs. I’m sorry I’m not proposing the line that homosexuality or heterosexuality for that matter is all about pre destined fate, as I think one is capable of also choosing their sexual orientation as well as having a natural tendency one way or another. Have a look at how the sexes behaved in ancient times. There was never a question of whether one was gay or straight but that of being a human.

  17. No, it’s not a choice. There is no debate, it is not an opinion, there have been dozens of surveys as well as several scientific studies…it’s not a choice. I agree that it is possible (though less common than innate homosexuality) for experiences to have an effect on orientation…but that doesn’t mean that there is any sort of decision involved.

    On an unrelated topic- I came to this site in order to find information on this case. I had to skim the article because the majority of it was unbearable to read due to poor grammar and sentence structure. Even the title is incorrect.

  18. I don’t think people can choose their sexuality however I feel that some people may choose to have sex with with the same gender. Doesn’t make them gay or bi even. Simply makes them a sexual human.

  19. Tragic tragic story. Heart breaking for her, her family and all of the people who read about this and think, “that could have been me.”

    I live in Alabama. Along with my husband, I raise my family here, own a business here, and employee quite a few people including 3 of the most wonderful women I’ve ever known -who happen to be gay.

    To be quite honest, Im not sure what is more ignorant, the dumbass who literally beat someone because he doesn’t agree with a lifestyle that has nothing to do with him or your insinuation that this “quarter” of the country is a bunch of intolerant gay bashers because the state of Alabama tells us to be. That is pretty ridiculous, but still not as bad as to say Ms. Hawkins chose to be a lesbian because of her family’s dysfunction. That is absolutely insulting and I’m not even gay!

  20. Isn’t it ironic that some of the readers are reacting in the same condemning way that the perpetrator of the crime did, by now insisting on castration on the author?

    The point of the matter is one should be allowed to believe, question or be what they wish and not be beat up, discouraged or castrated for doing so. This is a free society right?

  21. still a tard, “wondering out loud” wondered hard enough to post that crap. Ignorant, castration for you!

  22. I’m not going to pretend I know the answer to whether one can ‘choose’ their sexual identity as I believe such matters are an individual case by case matter. Nevertheless one has to wonder at the very least how negative male role models in the household may or may not have affected Alex Hawkins choices, relationships and thoughts and even her insistence to bring her girlfriend Mallory Owens over for thanksgiving dinner given prior confrontations.

    Ultimately irrespective at how one arrives at being straight or gay through social conditioning or ‘natural’ tendencies the idea that an individual can be abused for that choice I believe is utterly reprehensible and one has to wonder to what degree society facilitates such prevalent behavior…?

  23. One doesn’t “choose” to be gay. That’s the whole problem, people thinking
    that sexual orientation is a choice. You can choose who you will be with but not what your sexual orientation is.

  24. I’m only wondering out aloud Grace. There are many dynamics at play. I just hope to provoke a discussion on this issue as violence against same sex couples is endemic. It’s all very disturbing…

  25. “One also wonders about the general degree of dysfunction in the family and the malicious behavior of male role models in the Hawkins family, which may suggest a lot why Alex Hawkins chose to be a lesbian in the first place…”

    Scallywag, really? From you?? She chose to be a lesbian? Honestly?? I am as appalled by this crime as I was by that sentence. Please rethink and edit and I will happily delete my post.

    CHOSE? CHOSE???? Who the hell would chose this is a place like Alabama?

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