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The G shot injection. Designed to improve your orgasm ladies…A lunchtime favorite

Are you having your g spot hit ladies?
Are you having your g spot hit ladies?

The G spot shot will pep up your sex life and your orgasm. Or will it?

Looking for an extra kicker in the bedroom, something more to gasp, shudder, scream and delight from? Got a half an hour to spare this lunchtime?

Doctors in Los Angeles have said to come out with a procedure that is guaranteed to improve a woman’s experience whilst making love. Simply called the ‘g shot,’ it involves pumping filler in a woman’s G-spot which consequentially increases the size of a woman’s G spot thus now allowing her to be more acutely sensitive to the machinations of love making.

Done with the aid of a local anesthetic and literally taking just a half an hour to complete the procedure at a cost of just under $1300 is said to becoming a hit amongst a certain elk of women. Many who are now scrambling during their lunch hour in Los Angeles to have the process done.

Offers gynecologist and surgeon Dr David Matlock who works out of his clinic, aptly titled the ‘Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute of America’ :

‘I want to empower and educate, and for women to be in tune with themselves.

‘Why is it so difficult to accept? Because it’s not something like your nose that you can point to that you can see or feel.’

Although the process was first launched more than 5 years here in Los Angeles, with to date 2000 women electing to undertake the procedure, gynecologists in the UK are now also observing curious women asking about it there and some have indeed already begun offering the procedure. Which poses the question how long before you can all just skip out during your lunch hour ladies to have something done that might bring intense pleasure later this evening? Then again does the G spot really exist and are we really all just making a big fuss about it and anyway whatever happened to some adroit attention courtesy of a female’s lover that helped her really get off naturally…?

via the dailymail.co.uk

The G-spot is supposed to be an area just a few centimetres across on the back vaginal wall .



  1. Okay. First, I love how it is labeled as the “Fabled G-spot.” To this day, doctors and studies STILL cannot and have not proven a definitive G-spot in the majority of female population, even if someone with the title “Doctor” like Beverly Whipple, has banked their entire career on it. Arguement of G-spot aside, I find this ridiculous, and just another Hollywood fad like a diet that takes the easy LAZY way out. If you want more pleasure, increase your pelvic floor muscles, do some kegel exercises and pilates … swimming is great for building those muscles also. Learn how to give yourself penetrative orgasms with a toy if not a lover, before jumping on this bandwagon.

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