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Substitute teacher fired after former student boasts of affair online. Posts nude pictures.

Anna Michelle Walters (Photo Credit: Twitter account @AnnaMichelleW)
Anna Michelle Walters (Photo Credit: Twitter account @AnnaMichelleW)

Anna Michelle Walters gets one year sentence for having sex with a minor. Still a predator?

Substitute teacher Anna Michelle Walters arrested after sex with second student disclosed.

Justin Foster finally stops tweeting about how he banged the teacher. Twitter now hates him.

Substitute school teacher Anna Michelle Walters now being investigated for having sex with other minors…

And here are the naked pictures of substitute teacher Anna Michelle Walters you’ve been craving…

Justin Foster’s twitter page explodes after boasting of affair with substitute teacher.

Teachers have you ever been tempted to just throw it all away and give in to your wet dreams and plant your mortal soul in between the legs of your students at school? Of course you haven’t, but then of course there are some of you who have. Shall we then….?

gawker: A recent graduate of Cosby High School in Midlothian, Virginia, shocked an entire community by tweeting nude photos of a substitute teacher he claims he had sex with while still a student.

Justin Foster told his Twitter followers yesterday afternoon that he had a “treat” for Cosby students both past and present that would be revealed later that night.

Treat? Hmm, who doesn’t like treats being served to them here and there? Not me, I love them. Case in point the good shit below:

After getting sufficiently “hammered,” Foster began uploading nude photos of a woman he claimed was Anna Michelle Walters, along with several text messages allegedly proving their past dalliance.

via Justin Foster’s twitter handle.

See kids, that’s why I never drink cause that shit will only lead to one reliving desperate moments in one’s convoluted life. But who knows maybe the alcohol was just the lubricant Justin needed so he can finally boast of his exploits. Or was it teacher who was exploiting the student? She did after all send Justin all those gory back and forth text messages, never mind all those nude photos of herself which he later couldn’t resist sharing with you and me…

So how did that shit all go down with the school? Well not to well actually (you think?), cause Walters found herself getting the chop this past Friday. I know life is unfair, but then again aren’t there a lot of hawt little munchkins to get cozy with outside of school with? Ok, I understand it’s all about a power thing (right?) and there’s that trust bonding that goes on between teacher and student, which probably means one oughtn’t to break it either. But hell what do I know about ethics? I’ll let you buy me a drink or two if you plant a scandal on my front desk the next morning…never mind a throbbing wet picture of your …?

And how is Foster doing? He’s probably hating himself right now, feeling how terribly abused and manipulated he was. Right?

Meanwhile, Foster — who some claim released the photos as part of a fraternity initiation — is basking in the glow of his Internet infamy, retweeting hundreds upon hundreds of comments from follows and other well-wishers who consider him a “legend” for “successfully fulfilling every guys (sic) high school fantasy.”

Never mind, isn’t it time teachers you exercised some discretion before you fall victim to some school student who breaks your heart, ruins your career and never mind that part about your self respect and reputation….But then again that’s why you’re the teacher, you should probably know better, but do you?

In the event you need more grit on this fiasco you can go to pastebin here or just follow the conversation raging on Justin Foster’s twitter handle right now.


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  • lakawak

    This is exactly why it is illegal. Everyone may think that this kid is lucky, but clearly, he was unprepared for a relationship, so when things didn’t go EXACTLY his way, he lashed out with this.

  • Yikes and Anna Walters nude pics are still up there, [http://fandaily.info/?p=35075] plus a more detailed bio on her, with more pics.