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Substitute school teacher Anna Michelle Walters now being investigated for having sex with other minors…

Anna Michelle Walters


Anna Michelle Walters

Anna Michelle Walters gets one year sentence for having sex with a minor. Still a predator?

Substitute teacher Anna Michelle Walters arrested after sex with second student disclosed.

Justin Foster finally stops tweeting about how he banged the teacher. Twitter now hates him.

And here are the naked pictures of substitute teacher Anna Michelle Walters you’ve been craving…

Justin Foster’s twitter page explodes after boasting of affair with substitute teacher.

Substitute teacher fired after former student boasts of affair online. Posts nude pictures.

Investigators are now pursuing the claim that substitute school teacher Anna Michelle Walters may have had sex with other students from Cosby High School, VA as investigators now widen their probe against the former sub teacher who was recently fired after a student, Justin Foster she is said to have had an affair released naked images she had sent the former high school student. Incriminating images as well as contentious back and forth text messages between the two that the youth has unabashedly shared with via his twitter handle has to date directly linked her to behavior which left the school with no choice but to fire her.

Read one text that Ms Walters sent Mr Foster:

“For some reason you make me want to do things that I shouldn’t or wouldn’t normally do, and by shouldn’t I mean like the fact you’re so much younger than me and a student of mine.”

At present it is not clear whether authorities will lay charges of sexual predatory behavior and rape of a minor on Ms Walters as it is being investigated whether the individual at hand was 18 at the time when sexual liaisons between the two began. If indeed Mr Foster was 18 it is unlikely charges will be filed against Ms Walters but that information to date has yet to have been publicly disseminated.

With respect to the leaking and widely sharing of said naked images (you can see them here if you really have to) police have also offered that Ms Walters has little recourse against Mr Foster despite what many are now perceiving to be predatory behavior by the former student.

Offered one student Colt Stone via media outlet wric:

“The teachers were hush hush, and people would get in trouble if they mentioned anything about it.”

To date investigators have not been able to ascertain whether Ms Walters may have had also had sex with other students despite the assertions that are now being seriously investigated by authorities.

It is understood that Ms Walters only began teaching at the school as recently as January of this year. It isn’t clear whether Ms Walters faces a ban from ever teaching ever again, although one wonders that is probably the furthest desire in her mind.

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