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Should students have been suspended after ‘accidentally’ viewing naked pictures of school teacher.


And this is what happens when you open aps that you’re not suppose to…

Seems like the penchant for viewing naked pictures of the school teacher is a recurring trend these days, this time it took place in Anderson, Indiana at Highland Middle school when a group of students came across nude photos of a school teacher accidentally synced by the teacher herself onto a school issued Ipad.

According to 13 year old Joshua Troutt one of the students suspended, he and three other students were playing a game on the school issued Ipad when after pressing a button a photograph of the teacher’s partially bare chest came up.

Insisted the student: “It’s not our fault that she had the photo on there. We couldn’t do anything not to look at it,”

“It was her fault that she had the photo on there because her iPhone synced to it; she had to have pressed something to make all of her photos sync onto there.”

Although the assistant superintendent for the district admitted what had happened was “quite by accident,” that still didn’t the students from being suspending anyway.

Offered Joshua’s mom, Nicole Troutt: “In all reality, you’d think she’d be fired because that’s a nude picture in the school that the students seen.”

Newsfix has gone on to say that the district has gone on to take action against the teacher, but what that action is remains to be seen.

If only your school teacher posted nude images of themselves too for your viewing pleasure too…

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Commented one reader on the web:

The students explored the IPad and went to unauthorized applications, one of which was IPhotos. Unbeknownst to the teacher, a picture which was on the teacher’s personal cellphone had been stored in ICloud and therefore streamed to her school-owned IPad. That picture was not a topless picture, not a nude picture, nor any pornographic material. The Anderson Police Department has investigated the issue and concluded that the picture was not pornographic and there was no criminal behavior. They dropped the investigation. The problem is the students claimed she did it… the police say she didn’t.


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