Home Scandal and Gossip Man caught on camera sexually molesting sleeping woman on NYC subway.

Man caught on camera sexually molesting sleeping woman on NYC subway.

Do you know this man?
Do you know this man?

The travails of falling asleep in public…

Jasheem Smiley had the misfortune of witnessing a pervert feel up a sleeping subway rider in full view of other subway riders on a southbound number 4 train the other day here in NYC and according to him it wasn’t that pretty. In fact it was damn nasty. How nasty?

“This guy gets on at 96th Street, and the look on his face was just so suspicious,” Smiley told Gothamist. “He gave her a look like he knew her or something, and I turned the music off in my headphones to hear what was going on. When he started touching, her that’s when I turned my camera on. My jaw dropped. I had never seen anything like this before.”

That’s right Smiley did what any other disgusted appalled subway rider would do, he rushed to put an end to the started filming the shit. But after watching the unnamed creep continue touching up his unsuspecting victim he and another passenger began yelling at the pervert and trying to wake up his prey. She only came to when the pervert attempted to pull the woman closer (I know you have to love the audacity) which resulted in the woman then turning around and punching the pervert in the face. I know subway rides are sure damn interesting these days.

It wasn’t until the train came to a stop that the molested woman got up and exited the train which then led to Smiley seeking the assistance of the train conductor and showing them the reel he had captured. This then led to the conductor stopping the train so the pervert could be brought forward but by then the pervert had made his getaway.

Reports gothamist, when Smiley was asked to respond to comments that he shouldn’t have been filming the encounter at all, Smiley, a second-year criminal justice student at BMCC, says, “I took 18 seconds of video, and I was startled. I had never seen anything like that before in my life. I just wanted to get the guy on camera. And as soon as I did, I told the conductor, the NYPD, and the MTA police.”

The moral of the story? Perverts know no boundaries and sadly remaining vigilant is still your best recourse in a city like NY that attracts the kooky and zany, but thankfully in our modern day age you at least you can expect a video of you being exploited to end up floating on the web….

At present an MTA detective is said to be investigating the incident. Youtube for its part has since removed the contents of the video from its site as it violated its terms otherwise you’d all be watching the slow motion pervert in action too…


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