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15 year old Staten Island girl kills herself after football players brag about sexual conquests.

Felicia Garcia via facebook.
Felicia Garcia via facebook.

Teens suspended after posting video of Felicia Garcia having group sex.

15 year old Felicia Garcia of Staten Island, NY jumped to her death yesterday in front of an oncoming train because as a result of rampant bullying she had endured as a consequence of having had sex with four school football players.

nydailynewsFelicia Garcia, a 15-year-old freshman at Tottenville High School, was driven to her death after two 17-year-old classmates blabbed about the encounters.

“Kids are saying she had sex with some guys from the football team at a party after the game,” said a friend of the doomed girl who asked not to be identified. “Later on they wouldn’t leave her alone about it. They just kept bullying her and bullying her.” 

After the weekend, the bullying sent Felicia into the final tailspin in a long-troubled life.

“I cant, im done, I give up,” she tweeted Monday.

Accordingly school officials got wind of the bullying and orchestrated a mediation session yesterday with one of the 17 year olds said to have harassed her, an assertion that the boy denied. Leaving the office Ms Garcia then came across two of the other 17 year old youths which led to an exchange of words and Ms Garcia then marching off to Huguenot station of the Staten Island Railroad where she killed herself in froth of horrified classmates.

Remarked one student Alissa Compitello who witnessed Felicia Garcia jumping in front of the train:

“She was smiling though, like everything was going to be okay.”

Offered Sara Brager, a 16-year-old junior, who was on the platform when Felicia Garcia chose to jump:

‘She handed her cell phone to a pal, walked to the edge of the platform, then fell backward into the path of an oncoming train. ‘ 

“Just before she fell, she said, ‘Finally, it’s here,’ It was the most horrible thing I’ve ever seen.”

According to authorities Ms Garcia’s life had been marked with tragedy who had been living with a foster family and was a chronic runaway who’d been reported missing as many 7 times in recent years.

Interviewing the varsity football players involved in the sexual liaison authorities reiterated that the youths insisted  that at no time was Ms Garcia pressured to do anything.

Ultimately one has to wonder why the culture of shaming young women is so endemic that any behavior or thought or action which is not consistent with the vision that they give off the image of virgins should lead to public incrimination of young women. On one level it hints at society’s uncomfortable stance towards sexual attitudes and behavior that it finds troubling or too close to home. Add the volatile component of a young women with low self esteem (which probably inspired her decision to have sex with the varsity players) and you have a molotov cocktail waiting to go off…

Offered one commentator which caught my attention:

She was no way bullied but lost her reputation. Plain and simple. It’s sad for teenage girls to show she can handle being with the popular boys such as the strapping and athletic football players by doing the deed. This isn’t the first time a girl gets involved in this kind of situation. It’s been done in every generation and generation before that. This is about her reputation being ruined and she couldn’t handle the smear campaign that these football players spreading. It’s all senseless. She’s a pretty girl who should’ve thought about morals and not opening ones legs. Sad all around.


  1. Are you fucking kidding me? You are the most heartless bastard I have ever come across. She obviously didn’t have the best life, that really affects who you are and who you become, maybe she shouldn’t have slept with those boys but shes young and people deal with their life problems in different ways. The bullying and her past is what drove this beautiful young girl to such a low last resort. Its people like you that deserve to be thrown in front of a train.

  2. You are a Big Loser.You have no morals and Ill assume thats how u were raised.Human beings are raised to have compassion for each other.That what separates the humans from your breed.Your an animal.And those other animals were raised like animals.I have a teen and if he was in that position hed know and feel the wrongness of it.As did they .They took their im a big football senior attitude and used it to manipulate a 15 year old starting out there .They new her insecurities and her need to fit in and be liked.They knew very well that that situation would have only made it worse for her.BUT animals like that were in it for the sake of gettig off.Find a girl with confidence and their own age they couldnt.They preyed on an obviously confused lost in the world girl..Their parents taught them that gang banging a girl is decent and humane.I hope not .But they have acquire such deranged mentality that they have obviously been exposed to .They should throw their asses off that team.And if not and they are looking to go pro.Their names will be remembered and past on for the sake of their own dreams being crushed.The way hers were.It is a tragedy when one or four persons premeditate gang banging a girl kowing all along that THEY WERE going to use her loses for their own gain!!And they had every intetion of puttig this girls feelings on the line so they could feel cool and in .Exactly what she needed to feel like!!! Their parents should carry shame and guilt for raising such monsters.They are losers.They cant find girls that want them .So they will take advatage of a confused hurting girl that they dont want.But I guess they can not so they needed to take advantage of what ever insecure younger girl they are fortunate to cross paths with.They belong in Mt.Loretta and then prob a psychiatic facility.

  3. All high schools have older boys who prey on younger girls at parties. Even if such a girl does not say “no,” those older boys know very well that the girl is inebriated and they are taking advantage of her condition, her age, and her social status as a younger student wanting to fit in with other high-schoolers. They are predators. It is also more than obvious that when she left the school office she was harassed by the friends of the boys who’d been brought in for mediation. I’ve seen it over and over again in schools. The single biggest reason students suffer through harassment and bullying without seeking help, even actively avoiding it, is that they and their friends know if they take any action that alerts adults to the problem, they will be targeted for much worse than they are already receiving. The problem here, beyond bullying, is not whether a mere child of 15 agreed in her intoxicated state to let four boys have sex with her, is that we continue to accept older boys abusing girls and then blaming the girls. Sex with someone who is not stone cold sober and who is socially on a lower run among peers is date rape people. It is our jobs to teach boys that, not make excuses for them.

  4. Anonymity makes you brave, doesn’t it asshole. “Survival of the fittest”? If you lived where people still had to fend for themselves then you would be dead 100 times over. I’ve been on the internet a while and have come up with a theory. Stupid douchebag + anonymity = COMPLETE FUCKING ASSHOLE (you).

  5. wait wait wait…
    made the decision to be a whore… she made the decision to kill
    herself.. why should any of us pity this? why the hell should we even
    care?.. everyone knows actions have consequences.. If you are unable to
    deal with the consequences of your actions then that is not anyone’s
    problem but your own.

    I do agree that whoever posted it on the internet should also have to
    face their own consequences. BUT they should only face any/all that
    will relate to the video and should in no way, shape, or form be
    punished for her death.. If the football players had nothing to do with
    the actual posting of the video then they are in no way at fault for ANY
    of this. If someone kills them self, its not the problem for party that
    pushed a person to that point. That person had put them self in a
    position to be opened up to ridicule and judgement. That person had
    decided that suicide is the answer. If that’s what it ultimately takes
    for them to ‘justify’ their original action then that is THEIR problem..
    NO ONE else. Stop feeling “bad” for her, stop saying how this is “such a
    tragedy”.. Prostitutes and whores die every day and nobody makes a big
    deal of it and this whore was no different except she did it to herself.
    This is a case of survival of the fittest and she was just to weak to
    carry on with the rest of society and MOVE PAST what she has done
    regardless of ridicule. Its a matter of the human condition and if she
    thought killer herself was her only way out then good for her, she
    deserved it.

    That is all.

  6. Felicia was just acting out what she saw on You Porn or Porn Hub. She was a sweet young thing who wanted to be accepted in the wrong way. She wanted to pleasure the whole team with her tongue stud. Being caught on camera was not too cool. Her legacy is giving BJ’s to a football team. Wow !!

  7. This is a good story and the way it is organized and presented is very effective, but you seriously need a grammar and spelling editor. A human one, not a computer program.

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