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School in Texas Now Allows Teachers to Paddle Children of Opposite Sex: Parents pass off parenting to teachers.


According to Reuters, a school in North Texas, a place made up of about 2,600 people, allows teachers to punish students by hitting them with paddles, or corporeal punishment. Some may find this mildly horrifying, but the story gets more interesting. Now thanks to a new policy, teachers can paddle children, regardless of sex. See, before male teachers could only hit male students and vice versa, but due to an inadequate ratio of male to females regarding teachers to students, any teacher, despite their sex and the child’s sex, can discipline the rule breaker.

And how do the parents feel about this? Well they love it! Superintendent Michael Kelley even offers that parents solicit teacher’s help for bad behavior outside the classroom.

Reuters: “They’re sitting beside that guy in church and they see that principal in the grocery store or at the restaurant,” he said. “They have a sense of trust. So they’ll call up and tell us, when their child commits an infraction, those parents will call up and tell that principal, ‘Rather than in-school suspension, why don’t you just give ’em a swat?'”

How convenient! Now school in North Texas will not only fill your children with knowledge, but will also spank ‘em for ya when you just can’t work up the nerve, or time to do it yourself!

I can feel Upper East Side mothers all over Manhattan cringe at the very thought of this policy hitting NY. Hell, little Sebastian has a nanny-cam on the outside of his backpack to avoid situations like this, and parents in North Texas are practically promoting the ability for other people to beat their children.

It seems as though the United States is made up of places and people that are so different from one-another, in values and lifestyle choices, that is almost hard to believe that we collectively comprise the same country.

Anyone got a spare paddle at home…?



  1. I feel torn it worked for me when I w3as doing the paddling i had about 300 teenage girls mostly black and it was a living hell in terms of control and discipline. we had to try everything I had a padle but the girls just wore padding. so one day i just put the girl over my lap her ass in the air and lifted her skirt pulled her panties down and hand slapped that ass a couple dozen times. It became common practise especially for the serious girls who needed discipline. it became soemthing I actually looked forward to at the end of the day i had a couple of older girls allways in trouble and they just started to flop over me pull there own pants down and lift their skirts. I wasn’t being taken serioulsy and I was evidently a soft touch. I did get off on it and i suppose the girls could feel that and see how i was enjoying it. so it beacme a vicious circle and the girls knew all they had to do was put up with that for 15 mins and they could get away with murder. I used to say to them everytime now let that be a lesson to you. I know they felt how i felt it was hard not to notice and well frankly it was sticking into their stomachs as they lay on my lap. just telling it like it is so all you people out there wondering if paddling is open to abuse .not open – IT IS. sorry if this is unacceptable I had a hard day and I just had to get my own back. some girls came back day after day and I think they liked it. often their soft bottoms got red and sore and I wasn’t all cruel I had a jar of salve and gently rubbed this into their cute bottoms . now thats punishment.

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