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Oh my! Playboy to Courtney Stodden: ‘You’ll never be in our magazine.’

Courtney Stodden. Image via tmz
Courtney Stodden. Image via tmz

What’s a 17 year old media whoreselling the glitter off her wet curves to do when the entity of her wet dreams Playboy mag refuses to entertain the idea of ever featuring our collective hero in their mag?

tmz: Teen bride Courtney Stodden might have her sights set on Playboy, but they want NOTHING to do with her … sources at the magazine tell TMZ. 

Stodden told TMZ Live this week she is considering doing porn — after receiving at least 4 offers —  but then tweeted last night she wasn’t … and was doing Playboy instead. 

Doing porn or not doing porn? And now doing Playboy except without Playboy knowing anything about her doing Playboy. But then again what’s a persuasive suggestion amongst friends?

But according to our Playboy sources, no offer has been made to Stodden nor will one EVER be made. Our sources say Stodden “doesn’t meet the standards of a Playboy model” … adding she looks too “enhanced.”

Too enhanced? Really and all the other Playboy models are tittering on the verge of a natural D or E unhanded of course.

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out and whether our collective hero who has been rambunctious about getting her mug out there will now get new offers elsewhere (who knows maybe porn outlets might consider coughing up more money) or whether Courtney may just refresh her memory cells and try writing Playboy a nice letter to the effect that goes something like this:

“Yes even though I made up a lot of baloney this weekend to get your attention I was thinking of maybe traipsing myself and my pre ordained bazookas for a ‘discovery’ meeting, if that of course works for you and my bank manager….?’

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