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Man writes love application letter to woman searching for love. ‘Great at cuddling, tolerating shopping as well as oral sex.’

Love application letter
Love application letter

Have you ever come across a note of someone expressing their desire to find a romantic partner? It seems to be par for the course especially in today’s expanding world of social media. That said one respondent who came across a note from a woman looking for a boyfriend via facebook took the love thing a bit too far.

In their response which came via a hard letter that they slipped under the woman’s door the man goes through his feats in love as if it were a job application he was vying for, making sure to list all his achievements in love (skill set includes: being laid back, having stability, cuddling,country music appreciation, tolerance for shopping, oral sex,etc). One can’t help but also wonder if the respondent was being brutally snarky either with his responses or god forbid that there exists someone this plaintive.

Of note is the respondent’s desire to affect his savviness with respect to xbox stations which naturally should set any woman’s heart on fire:

‘I understand the ability to play video games is a desirable trait. While holding an xBox Live Platinum account, I was able to remain on the Call Of Duty two and three top 10 leader boards for a seven-month period.

‘I have become competent  with Sony Playstation 3 entertainment system and I am also fluent in 1337 5p341< [leet speak, a secret language used by internet enthusiasts].

That said have a read for yourself and ask yourselves ladies, does this chap sound like a good catch or should he be just be quickly put out to sea (yes desperation and naivety never works too well in love).

So should she go out with him anyway?

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