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Kate Middleton topless. Photographer Valerie Suau said to have taken pictures…

Where the Kate Middleton topless pictures were taken....
Where the Kate Middleton topless pictures were taken....

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The identity of one photographer who also took intimate pictures of Kate Middleton  has been named as French photographer Valerie Suau (pronounced ironically ‘sewer’). Although to date Ms Suau who interestingly has taken down her Facebook profile insists she did not take topless pictures of Kate Middleton rather just images of her in her bikini.

What though is surprising about the regionally based photographer who lives in Provence, France where the royal couple were vacationing last week is the ease of which she and other photographers were able to take photos of the royal couple as they relaxed on private grounds courtesy of the Queen’s nephew.

According to Ms Suau she had expected the chateau where the royals were staying to be heavily guarded but found to her surprise the opposite to be the case.

Said Ms Suau:

‘I was given free rein to do what as I liked – taking pictures of the couple enjoying themselves  in full view  of the road.’

‘There were other people around, including walkers and cyclists, as well as staff at the chateau. 

The Duchess was sure to have known this, and perhaps should have been a bit more careful about displaying her body in such a prominent position.’

At present it is understood that the road where Ms Suau took her images (and where it is presumed the photographer who took topless images of Kate Middleton who then went on to sell them to France’s Closer) offered a clear views of the Chateau’s raised swimming pool and its loungers. It is also believed the photographer who took those images must have taken intimate images of Kate Middleton the same time she did. Interestingly Ms Suau has declined to acknowledge the identity of the photographer who took those intimate pictures.

In the interim Ms Suau’s bikini pictures of Kate Middleton have been published by local regional newspaper, La Provence.

For the time being Ms Suau has vowed to keep a low profile. Can anyone guess why?


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