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Kate Middleton nude pictures were sparked by animosity towards royal house by Silvio Berlusconi.

Kate Middleton topless as she appears in Chi Magazine Italy
Kate Middleton topless as she appears in Chi Magazine Italy

NSFW: Here are Kate Middleton topless and now bottomless pictures courtesy of Danish magazine Se og Hør.

Kate Middleton topless: Only one in five Brits have seen the photos

Kate Middleton nude images lead to police raid on Closer mag offices. Overkill?

Danish magazine now set to publish Kate Middleton topless pictures. Suck it up Kate…

Kate Middleton topless pictures. Spoiled, presumptuous and simply asking for it…?

So what! Kate Middleton wins hollow court victory.

Kate Middleton pictures. Court to order criminal investigation against Closer magazine and photographer.

Court rules Kate Middleton topless pictures must be handed to her within 24 hours.

A theory beginning to take hold is the notion that Mondadori publishing house which owns both France’s Closer magazine and Italy’s Chi magazine, outlets that both published nude images of Kate Middleton may have been prompted by Mondadori’s owner, Silvio Berlusconi.

dailybeast: Left-leaning daily newspaper La Repubblica posed the conspiracy theory that Berlusconi’s daughter, Marina, who runs Mondadori for her father, published the photos to exact revenge against Britain, Fleet Street, and the royal family on her father’s behalf, arguing that the photos—taken by a paparazzo shooting with a long lens into a private estate—somehow made up for all the similar photos published in the British press of Berlusconi’s own private villas and parties. Others wonder if the publication of the private photos is not actually a personal sideswipe at the queen, who publicly reprimanded the Italian playboy at a state dinner in 2009. An embarrassing spoof of the occasion later went viral.  

Although the above theory certainly holds some merit one has to wonder to what degree Silvio Berlusconi himself was involved in the decision making process that exacted the rapid publishing of said images? To date it is understood that Mondadori publishing house is managed by Marina Berlusconi, Silvio’s daughter. And that Chi’s decision to publish said images were framed as per the following:

Offered Alfonso Signorini, Chi’s Editor in Chief:

‘the photos were not intended to offend the royal couple but instead show that they are a modern young couple in love, doing the things others their age do, including topless sunbathing. “I published them with a conviction that they are pictures of a modern contemporary duchess,” Signorini told Sky News. “And not even a call from the queen herself would have stopped me.” 

Yet if ever there was a sign some degree of malcontent was aimed towards the royal house comes the following which begs the idea, if one is entitled to publish images of what it considers to be in the public interest, why go the extra mile in humiliating said images?

The photos make up the bulk of the spread, but for extra appeal Chi asked plastic surgeon Paolo Santanchè to walk the readers through an overview of Kate’s physique. “Are Kate’s Breasts Natural or Redone?” asks the headline, under which Santanchè says that for a woman of her stature, her breasts are not exactly noteworthy. The doctor concludes that based on the way they seem “empty and pear shaped” when she leans forward and appear “flat” when she leans back, they are the real thing, concluding that should she ever become pregnant, the pregnancy would surely ruin them, concluding the pithy article with “God Save the Queen.”  

In the interim Marina Berlusconi has expounded that the idea she was doing her father’s dirty work was crazy, and she accused La Repubblica of stoking “anti-Berlusconi” sentiment ahead of what many believe is the relaunch of the veteran politician’s career before Italian elections next spring, saying he “had more to worry about than a photo shoot.”

At least the royal family will be glad they got their own back now that Closer mag has been mandated to take down offending images by Wednesday afternoon, now of course it will be interesting to see whether Chi magazine will be made to do the same or whether the journal may decide for the sake of good will to voluntarily take down said images?

Valerie Suau is now suspected of taking Kate Middleton topless pictures.

The bastardization of Kate Middleton…

Court will decide tomorrow on Kate Middleton pictures. Closer mag defiant.

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Kate Middleton topless pictures published on Italy’s Chi magazine. Sales sluggish…

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Kate Middleton topless. Porn company now wants to run sexual pictures said to exist.

Kate Middleton topless. Photographer Valerie Suau said to have taken pictures…

Kate Middleton topless. Italy’s Chi magazine plans to run 50 new intimate pictures.

Kate Middleton topless photos now published on Irish Daily Star and Italian gossip site Chi.

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