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Is a bald Jude Law just as sexy as one with a full crop of hair?

Jude Law in Cannes, France May 2011.
Jude Law in Cannes, France May 2011.

How Jude Law‘s hair suddenly became a mystery…

Media pundits are asking aloud today whether actor Jude Law is sporting thicker hair after recent pictures of the star portray him with decidedly less hair than in previous years. Legitimate questions perhaps but what ought to also be asked is why do we care whether the actor has luscious locks or not? Which is another way of saying what makes a man charismatic and desirable in the first place….?

The dailymailfor instance goes to great pains to show side by side images (see below) of the actor stepping out in London with what they perceive the actor to have ‘sudden fuller hair’ (although some DM readers question whether DM journalists are blind, I’ll let you make up your mind on this) as opposed to images of him with tighter cropped hair where the march of time is clearly visible.

Frankly as a man with his own issues of reclining hair follicles (yes kids, even Scallywag is mortal!) I have had to ask myself the question what makes a man desirable and how much does that have to do with his looks, his hairline and the perception that he is youthful and one suspects charismatic and captivating?

But then again to be fair I am not a movie star like Jude Law (just a haggard tabloid hack) who has to answer to the whims of a fickle society that is bent on their heroes living out fantasies that so many of us are unable for whatever reason to do so in real life. Never mind Jude, I still think you’re quite the dapper chap bald or full, but then again I also have sympathy for the devil….

It's a mystery: Jude Law in London today (Thursday) and at the Sherlock Holmes premiere in Paris in January





  1. What a stupid article. He’s had the same hairline for YEARS. In case no one’s sharp enough to figure this out, I’ll let you in on a HUGE secret. His hair in the pics where people wonder “Where’d he get all that hair? Transplants?” NO. His hair grows out–just like everyone else’s. It’s more noticable when he’s got a SHORT haircut, get it? Now, everyone can go back to their shallow lives and worry about something more relevant, like whether or not Honey Booboo should apologize to PETA for naming her pet chicken “Nugget”…

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