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Courtney Stodden insists you have a look at her new platform heels and red mini dress too.

Courtney Stodden would like to catch your eye. Got a moment?
Courtney Stodden would like to catch your eye. Got a moment?

You have to applaud media whore Courtney Stodden for her unrelenting stamina as she once again takes it to the camera boy with her latest eye catching outfit (well if you want to barely call it that).

Slipping out for a coffee (does this remind you of one of those cheesy pay per porn movies you find in seedy hotels?) Courtney is photographed nonchalantly sashaying down the street with 3 pounds of make up on her face (cause that’s what most pretty young 18 year old girls do first thing in the morning), a slip of a red mini dress that barely covers her crotch, a dainty red handbag and of course there’s her stripper platform heels the height of the Empire State building.

Joined by her 52 year old husband, Doug Hutchinson(but really this guy comes off like her father, but then again how many fathers marry young brides when they are only 16?) the two cut a despondent scene as they sashay down at the the Grove in Los Angeles.

The two who scored a coup d’etat by being selected to appear in the reality show, Couples Therapy as part of a couples therapy group committed to dissecting dysfunctional relationships (was there ever a doubt?). Of course the real dysfunctional question might be why we as an audience even give white slutty trash like Courtney and her pervert husband the time of day, then again perhaps on some subconscious level they are living the dream that so many of us would never dare ever commit to…

The new show is set to premiere (unfortunately) on October 3.

Oh look there's Courtney with dapper Doug...

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See something you like you like Courtney?
Just got home from work Courtney?


  1. She looks better, but she still is dressing and acting like a tramp. No, they are not living the dream, or maybe they think they are , but.. some day they will wake up to a nightmare down the road. And we continue to watch the train wreck

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