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11 year old Texas girl who was gang-raped is blamed for wearing make up and dressing too sexy.

Eric McGowen
Eric McGowen

It’s always a woman’s fault which is why she deserves to be gang-raped. Trying to understand base culture.

The case of an eleven year old Texan girl who was repeatedly raped in through the five months leading up to December 2010 in the town of Cleveland, Texas (just 45 miles outside of Houston) has evoked its fair share of controversy. With the upcoming sentencing of some of the 20 men and boys who were involved in her brutal rape due, questions are now being asked by some locals who wonder if the girl was to some degree party responsible for the rapes given her ‘come hither’ appearance.

Also at play is the race card with the majority of those arrested being black even though the victim herself was hispanic, an argument that strikes this author as odd if indeed all the perpetrators in this instance happened to be black how trial proceedings could possibly have turned the case into a race lynching.

According to some townspeople, despite all the evidence that has been shown at the trial of one defendant, 20 year old Eric McGowen, including a confession, DNA evidence as well as the girl’s testimony they suspect a kind of fear was injected into the town when authorities went about town knocking on doors looking for possible perpetrators.

Indeed some have offered that authorities harassed people as it sought to make its case and to what degree someone like Eric McGowen, himself black who now faces his turn at receiving a sentencing is ultimately culpable is subjective.

Offered one 59 year old local, Caroline King:

‘It’s not as bad as what they are saying. Nobody tied (the girl) up,’ 

Then again is a crime perpetrated only vile if it is conducted in a particular way never mind that it did occur, at least in intent. Or can intentions be misread?

Crime scene: Authorities say this is the abandoned trailer where an 11-year-old girl was sexually assaulted in November 2010

Others have gone so far as that the girl was partly responsible because she wore make up. looked older than her age and wasn’t properly supervised by her parents, which suggests that on some level most women are somehow asking for something nasty to happen to them if they fail to appropriate virginal appearances or behave in a way that does not reflect preferred social mandates, thus making her a deserved victim. Then again since when do the words victim and deserved go together? One can not be both or can they?

Making matters worse, the young man indicted to stand trial, Eric McGowen has fled town (itself indicative of possible guilt or is he just running away from what he perceives as a miscarriage of justice against him?) and authorities are contemplating the ramifications of his supposedly having sexually asserted her, including once with a beer bottle.

In the end the trial went on without him, and jurors found him guilty of aggravated sexual assault of a child and then sentenced McGowen to 99 years in prison.

McGowen was the first defendant to stand trial in the case. All six of the juveniles and two of the 14 adults charged pleaded guilty. Trial dates have not been set for the 11 remaining defendants.

Authorities began investigating after one of the girl’s classmates told a teacher he saw video of her being sexually assaulted in the abandoned trailer.

The attacks occurred inside an abandoned mobile home, pictured, police said
  • Kahmei Gaga R Ryton

    so sad that her mother let her dress like a idiot and she got raped

  • factorygirl44

    victim blaming is deliberate and shameful. IMHO on this particular case, I say if a TX court supports blaming an 11 year old (which they will, if this argument works), than TX might want to think about reducing their age of consent to 11…..because this argument is saying that 11 is old enough to give consent.

  • elroy my resl name

    He is right. I’ve met nd Deen how these girls dress up. Personally. They want men ans not boys to do them. This is the new age of $. Ask ur daughters.

  • me&myself

    Its sad how you can put blame on any victim especially a child. NO matter what any women choses to wear nobody has a right to put there hands on them. People are sick. Those who place blame on this girl are some sick souls. Just because she had makeup on and looked older than her age, what right did that give 18 men to sexually abuse her. May God have mercy on all there souls and these poor ones who place blame on this 11 year old child

  • Won’t punishing rapists for rape have a “disparate impact” on blacks? It might be unconstitutional to punish rape, then.

  • Person who has heard enough

    This is an act of unspeakable evil, and those who are trying to assign any fraction of responsibility to A CHILD are equally evil. SHE IS A CHILD. A CHILD! Utter shame on them all.

  • A 12 guage enema is too good for ANY rapist!

  • They video taped it, yet I am willing to bet they don’t think they didn’t anything wrong. They were just having some fun. They should not be sentences to prison, no! they should be sentence to a room full of queens in need of fresh meat! Let’s see how they like being at the receiving end of things. Oh, but the queens are just going to be having some fun!