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Prince Harry naked photos. Rehabilitating an out of control prince and the public’s teetering love affair with the Royal family.

Prince Harry. What are we to make of his latest misbehavior?


Prince Harry. What are we to make of his latest misbehavior?

Naked Prince Harry. Don’t expect him to suffer any punishment…

Naked Prince Harry photos provoke the wrath of the Queen.

Naked Prince Harry now fleeing paparazzi…

Naked Prince Harry pictures all the rage at Las Vegas suite. Cupping his genitals…

Naked Prince Harry busted because of his very distinctive pendant.

Oh look! There’s Prince Harry staring at a harem of bikini clad beauties at Las Vegas pool.

Prince Harry and Ryan Lochte get drunk together and race each other in Las Vegas pool at 3am….

Perhaps nothing can be more infuriating for the Royal family than to watch one of their own misbehave to the point of grotesqueness and flagrant disregard as to what many would argue is correct royal protocol. In fact on some level, the Prince’s flagrant (admittedly hilarious and non malicious behavior) is but an extension of the recent bad behavior courtesy of elite society that more than ever and interestingly more openly continues in insisting in behaving in a way that shows complete disregard and contempt for the rest of society.

From mortgage bankers, bankers, ceo’s, over paid celebrities the level of disregard for common courtesy is almost unbridled from earlier times. Ceo’s don’t hesitate to find special provisions to pay themselves more even when they fail to perform, banks manipulate and abuse laws for their own advantage (never mind the lobbying that they do to circumvent laws which are meant to protect us all), banker’s, like Barclays and who knows who else fix libor rates and celebrities insist on garguntum payouts whilst many of their fans struggle to barely stay alive.

The above is hardly something that the royal house is not ambivalent about, it is to be sure, given recent nasty public relation spats (it only got better when Kate Middleton married into the royal family and reached its nadir when Princess Di went public with all the humiliation she was forced to endure) quite well aware that the re emergence of back to back negative public fall out for the royal family could quite possibly see it completely phased out of public life, never mind how unrealistic that option looks right now. After all if the public continue to suffer economically it might just be a matter of time before that they too start asking why they are financing this type of behavior which in essence disrespects and lampoons them.

And then there’s this, which forces the question, is the latest royal snafus sequestered to one unruly individual who struggles to contain his own or is the problem symptomatic of a wider contemptuous disposition towards the public courtesy of the monarchy?

dailybeast: The Olympics sealed the deal. It was a tremendous honour for Harry to be asked to officially represent the Monarch at the closing ceremony, a sign of the newfound confidence the Queen and his father, Prince Charles, who is increasingly calling the shots at the highest level of decision-making in the palace, had decided to place in him.

These pictures show, unfortunately, that all the confidence in Harry was hugely misplaced. He just can’t help himself. 64% of TMZ users might consider his behaviour ‘awesome’ according to their online poll, but the queen, Charles and William will all rightly be furious at his appalling judgment. This is one mistake that cannot be laughed off. Harry clearly still has an enormous amount of growing up to do before he can be considered for a pivotal royal role again.

Some feel it had only been a matter of time until Harry embarked on a blow-out of the proportions witnessed in Vegas, which also saw him jumping into a swimming pool with his clothes on after a boozy night and challenging Ryan Lochte to a swimming race.

Despite maintaining a relatively sober public image, off camera, there have been hints that Harry’s wild ways have persisted, and his demons have remained unconquered. There have been innumerable late nights, and in June this year, he was sick outside the ladies WC in the Arts Club in Mayfair.

And then there was this comment which caught my eye:

Come on……………this is a young man having a good time – it happens every hour. The difference is he is a part of British royalty. Should he act different? I’m not sure, but there definitely was a breach in his security. He will take the consequences in his stride – it will not last forever. But, back off, folks! Either we think they are stuffy, or without morals/ethics – royalty in any country are just humans. I am sure he would like to hide right now, as he is not a bad guy, just having fun. He will pay because the media will force it. I have a great deal of empathy for him and his family right now. How can they ever be “normal” and maybe that is the price they have to pay.