Home Fashion Japanese Toyota ad features topless transgender person. Was that a red speedo?

Japanese Toyota ad features topless transgender person. Was that a red speedo?

Transgender Japanese ad for Toyota
Transgender Japanese ad for Toyota

Toyota has for the most part a safe docile image but that it seems may no longer be the case after the Japanese car maker opted for a racy new local video featuring a transgender individual who is as equally as sleek (or is it vice versa) as the car for sale and bent on a hunch of kinky (which we don’t mind thank you very much).

The moral of the lesson, if you want to be a touch subversive, kinky, sleek, controversial and trying to tap into a new market always hire attractive transgender individuals cause they are used to the controversy and getting eyeballs to turn…

Says the commercial: “Not in trend, not casual, not for everyone.” 

Then there’s this via dailybeast:  Meet Stav Strashko, an androgynous model who garnering attention for his arresting resemblance to a woman. The 20-year-old was born in the Ukraine and grew up in Tel Aviv, where he was discovered by an Israeli stylist at 17 and began working as a model in 2010. Though Strashko says he played with his mother’s makeup as a child and wore eyeliner on the streets as a teenager, it didn’t immediately occur to him that he could be mistaken for a woman

“I realized that I was androgynous when I began to model,” he told Candy magazine. “All the stylists put women’s clothes on me, and then it struck me that I can really look like a woman.” The model, who has a boyfriend and worships Angelina Jolie, says that he is often mistaken for a girl when he meets new people. “Usually when people talk to me they soon realize I’m a boy, but sometimes people just keep treating me as a girl not realizing who I really am. I believe that the mind sees what it wants.”

In some ways young Stav has come to embody a new period in society where homosexuality is no longer labeled as bizarre and out of the ordinary and instead has been replaced by the transgender, whose genetic abnormality is “Not in trend, not casual, not for everyone.”  One must ask why a man ,whose genetic make up is involuntary, has become the new symbol of non conformity ? And why are we as viewers always so eager to find the next ‘Look at him’ freak to point fingers at ?

Since the ad has been out in the last 3 days it has garnered over a million youtube views.

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