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Woman who punches thug making rape joke becomes hero. But is she?

Kelsey feeling very chipper with herself. Let's find out why?
Kelsey feeling very chipper with herself. Let's find out why?

Ignite my thoughts…..

20 year old Kelsey has created quite the stir after she socked a man in the face last week on the street after she heard him make a crude joke about raping a passing woman who was quite drunk and not at all interested in his advances. In fact Kelsey in the process of smashing her hand on this dude’s face (literally) has gone on to create quite a sensation. So much of a sensation that she’s now just had to shut down her tumblr blog (ignite my thoughts)after the incident which she recorded there ended up getting a whole bunch of hate mail and of course her own rape threats.

Before Kelsey got the rape threats she also got many thank you notes from many of you women out there who have often come across men like this in the past. I’ll be the first to agree, having to be slurred at and raped up and down with someone’s eyeballs is hardly a treat I am ever game for. But now that I have said that, I want to ask all you women out there a question. Was Kelsey right in smashing that man’s face up because let’s face it she wasn’t in imminent danger of being raped nor was the woman across the street who the offensive creep kept staring at. After all this is what the dude said:

“Fucking cunt, I’d take her into the back alley and show her what I’m made of. She won’t even see it coming,”

Ok he said it. He did not do it and nor was there ever a moment he was going to do it. And yet many of you have come along and treated Kelsey as a hero. But I don’t think she’s a hero. I think in her own way she is just as pathetic and equally violent if not more than the creep she walloped. Yes he made a crude joke. Kelsey on the other hand went the extra distance and without provocation turned around in front of the two dudes she overheard speaking and really walloped that asshole. But who’s really an asshole is Kelsey, which might explain all the threats she has received and the vile feelings she harbors inside.

After punching the guy she went home to blog the following:

I hope your mother/girlfriend/sister/friends/everyone asks what happened to your nose. I hope you have to explain that you thought it’d be funny to joke with your friend about raping the drunk girl across the street. I bet you didn’t think that the girl who was walking in front of you  would turn around and punch you in the face. You’re a filthy piece of shit and I don’t regret this at all. 

Interesting. So who made Kelsey the moral arbiter of the universe? Either way, it’s nasty when men walk around with negative attitudes towards women, I agree but I think it’s even more bloody nasty when a cunt like Kelsey turns around and wallops someone just because they have a disturbing attitude, cause really that it is the beginning of the end of a civilized society when you have women haters teamed up with what could be a man hater. But what do I know, I try to love men and women equally even if sometimes their points of views and attitudes disturb me deeply. Yes Kelsey, I still love you….

At present if you go to Kelsey’s site you’ll find the following message:

Due to continuing threats and comments, this account will no longer be active.

I have spoken to the police about the whole ordeal and all involved have agreed that this was the best action to take.

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  1. I do hope that this thug has been charged for her admitted assault, and then serves a prison sentence.

  2. We know where you are, and youl be heading home soon. You just wont know when, how, or where. You are the type of girl who will be removed from this Earth. We will make an example of you.

  3. Guys like this douchebag on the street have to be checked by someone. It would’ve been better if his “friend” had done it. Obviously his parents never nurtured anything valuable into his childhood. To be sure, fucking the incapacitated woman without consent crossed his mind at some point in order for that “joke” to be formed in his shit for brains, so there was a threat of violence, maybe to a different drunk chick on a different street, or to a date a few years later after too many shots. Instead, the job of social stability was left to a random chick who overheard his unfiltered misanthropy (you’d have to hate the human race in order to say shit like that). Hopefully the shock of getting punched by a girl sunk into him and he thought about why it happened. If so, he might change into a better person. So then who gives a shit about this dumbass bro-rapist? The bleeding heart defending him in this article? No. Kelsey does. Kelsey cares about everyone and everything in her society and is willing to throw a punch to bring it back into order before dude date-rapes a chick, gets away with it and does it repeatedly to other chicks, spreading his social disease through the population. Thank you Kelsey.

  4. Wonder how we’d see the situation if a guy punched a woman in the face who joked about cutting a guy’s penis off to a female friend?

  5. Words have always enticed violence. But it is those who reacted to those words with violence who are at fault. They chose to get offended, they CHOSE to react with physical violence. This all wouldn’t have happened if she had the self-restraint to not punch someone over words. All and all the offender and the offended are symptoms of a disease that has to be nullified. We teach young children to respect one another as well as to ignore uncalled-for negativity but society tells us “don’t be someone’s bitch, get EVEN.” How about we practice what we preach to the children instead of blowing it off as “that’s what they taught us in school, this is the real world”. Well the real world is a very nasty place, and we made it that way because we don’t practice what we preach.

  6. I say good on her. Joke or not, rape isn’t funny. Regardless of what
    people think.
    If I heard someone joke about raping a defenseless woman, I’d have a go
    at the thug. I might not hit him, but I’d sure as Hell verbally rip him
    to shreds. You do NOT joke about rape. Ever. You don’t know who’s

  7. The guy was wrong to joke about comitting violence, she was even more wrong to actually commit violence.

  8. what a piece of shit, that girl deserves a prison sentence. why do we keep treating women like children?? she’s not an adult, she’s a coddled, feminist idiot. glad she had to shut her shit down. hope she gets more threats. bitch.

  9. ‎Christopher Koulouris, violence never solved anything. Just look at war. Words are words. Once action is taken thats assault. Is SHE a “hero”? All depends how you see the situation. I say NO. She didnt make a positive change in the world – she simply pissed a lot of people off & now that man has a reason to hate women more…where is the heroism in that? Cheers.
    Yesterday at 8:40am · Like

  10. If feminist say its OK to punch a man for making this joke THEN shouldn’t it be OK to punch a woman for making a joke about cutting off a man’s penis.

  11. Moral of the story, violence is wrong unless it’s against a man for making a vague, unverifiable “declaration of intent”

    Posted as a guest because Womper has already suggested that people should be killed for laughing at one man’s stupid phrase.

  12. “If you genuinely LOL at what the guy was saying, you’re a monster and should probably be put down. ”

    “put down” over words? Sorry, who is the monster here?

  13. I wonder what would have happened if one of those males had actually been a misogynist ? I highly doubt she would have just walked away with a lightly busted hand .
    In reality land , a misogynist would have beaten her into a bloody pulp and left her for dead . THAT’S what a misogynist is . Someone making crude jokes , or telling her to pay for her own birth control isn’t a misogynist no matter how often we heard that lie repeated .

    I’ll be honest , if this “hero” had slugged me because she didn’t like something I’d said , I would have slugged her right back and I’m quite sure that she wouldn’t have gotten up very quickly afterward . Cue the white knights and radical feminists out there who want to label me a misogynist for having a perfectly human and rather justified reaction to being struck in the nose . Just remember that there are more and more males out there who don’t believe in the “don’t hit a girl no matter what ” crap anymore . You can’t demand equality and chivalry because chivalry is simply benevolent sexism . Any woman who thinks she has the right to hit a man can expect to be treated like one too IMO .

  14. This never happened. She made it up for attention but didn’t expect it to go viral.

    No marks on her knuckles? No swelling in her taped fingers? Taping that was very clearly done herself in a completely useless fashion if there were a real injury?

    Takes the post down when she realizes it’s going to be subjected to scrutiny and asked for details such as exactly when and where it happened (maybe somewhere with security cameras that could disprove her fairy tale)? Says she’s reporting it to the police — “officer, I assaulted someone whom I can’t prove said something.”?

    All lies. But you go, girl.

  15. She initiated violence. She was wrong.

    You may think the guy is an asshole for “threatening” to rape a girl (unless there’s more I’m not seeing, my first thought when I read that quote was that he was going to beat her up) but that does not mean you should initiate force against him.

    She was wrong and we can debate whether or not he was wrong (at the very least, it was in poor taste).

  16. I think your argument hinges on the fact that it was a “joke”. Jokes are generally funny, and many people nowadays make excuses for people who make such shitty jokes. People don’t even like Tosh.0, and they’ll defend unfunny shit like this.

    If you genuinely LOL at what the guy was saying, you’re a monster and should probably be put down.

    This was more a declaration of intent, and his sleazy friends encouraging this behavior is not going anywhere good. Was it right to hit someone not actively threatening you? No. Absolutely not. However, the response says quite a lot about how women feel about the perceived acceptability of rape and rape jokes, or even a rapist proudly proclaiming his crimes. It makes life sucky for both genders. A woman needs to calculate more danger than perhaps is necessary because she’ll be blamed for her lack of diligence (being “a drunk girl,” dressing for hot weather, etc).

    A guy approaching a girl is immediately going to be judged and treated with distance and that fear that he won’t take no for an answer because being open and welcoming is not ‘diligent’. It frustrates him, too, that the world is not safe for women because of guys like this. Expressing sympathy for him and excusing his “crude joke” is therefore contributing to a world where people cannot so much as meet without treating each other with suspicion and hatred. Shit dating pool that’d be.
    Posted as a guest because rape threats are very scary in real life. Who, having met a woman or man who has faced sexual harassment, thinks that is excusable or should be treated as flippantly as this article?

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