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Texas teacher had sex with 15 year old student countless times. Kid brother found used condom.

Kathryn Camille Murray
Kathryn Camille Murray

Looking for domination love in all the wrong places…

It seems 29 year old Kathryn Camille Murray, a former Memorial Middle School  teacher has a thing for handsome young men children. Point in case her sexual exploits with one of her 15 year old students who as it turns out was one of her students for two years (yes she laid eyes on her soon to be lover when he was 13 and it was lust) before bedding the unwitting young boy.

Initially arrested in February after the 15 year old’s 12 year old brother inadvertently walked into his brother’s room to find a naked Murray with a used condom on the floor Ms Murray it has now been realized had also had sexual trysts with the boy in her school classroom and even on the night of one school dance fete. Yes delusion romance knows no bounds….

At the time of Ms Murray’s sexual escapades with the young boy at his house it is understood the parents were out of town leading to a concerted effort by the teacher to seduce and rape the young boy who at the time ‘professed’ his love for the teacher. What kind of love the young boy thought he may have been professing is open to interpretation but surely one wonders what the motives of Ms Murray were when she chose to subject the young boy via her authority as his teacher and whether on some level she was getting off on the abuse of power?

Then again if Ms Murray lacked power in her own personal affairs it seems at least here she had full command at the expense of the innocence and solicitation of a child who could not have never known better.

Offered Steve Brunsman, spokesperson from the Spring Branch Independent School District:

“The alleged conduct of Murray is shocking and outrageous, and will never be tolerated in our school districart. This alleged conduct is a reprehensible violation of the trust that our children and our community place in our educators every day.”

Violation of trust or the seeking/usurption of misguided trust at the hands of a 15 year old child who never stood a chance…

Ms Murray posted bail earlier this week and is remanded to be appear in court later this month.



  1. I’d like to know what’s up with the ex-male students here who say they wanted this or that teacher. When I and my peers were that age we were interested in the students around our own age, not adults old enough to be our parents. Crush or think they were hot; but actual sexual contact – Ewww Yuck!

  2. If he wants to have sex with his teacher, let him have sex with his teacher.

    It’s every boys dream.

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