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Who leaked Snooki’s nude photos? Ex boyfriend denies role.



Snooki nude leaked photos

Snooki leaked nude pictures. So why did we all go gaga over naked Snooki?

Snooki now cavorting in short mini dresses whilst pregnant. What nude photo scandal?

Graphic: Snooki denies leaking leaked nude photos of self.

By now it has become public knowledge that risque images of the reality actress, Snooki have been leaked on the web, but what remains to be found out is who exactly leaked the nude images of Snooki.

To date Snooki has adamantly insisted that she had not sanctioned the release of said images nor has she publicly speculated who or how the images made it to the public. Although it would be hard to imagine if we are to believe Snooki that she is innocent that she has no firm idea who may have released released those images. Perhaps a secret she is keeping under lids for the time being.

What though is known is her previous relationships with ex boyfriend Emilio Masella who dated the reality star in 201o (which judging by relatively slim she is in the pictures would infer were taken quite possibly before she ever got pregnant or even before she met her current fiance, Jionni LaVelle ). To date Masella has offered the following:

“I honestly don’t care, I’m trying to get rid of trash in my life … I’m done with her and moving on with my own career.”

Trash? Could he be inferring to Snooki?

Then there’s the situation of Snooki having dated another boyfriend Jeff Miranda during the third season of the show (the 6th season is currently being shot). During the show, Miranda had proposed to Snooki (yes what may be inconceivable to most mortals can be quite desirable for many others) before he was swiftly rejected. Could Miranda have held a grudge against Snooki until now?

Or it simply could be an insider’s plan courtesy of the show’s producers to curry as much attention leading into the sixth season, in the effort to gross as much revenues as possible. An insider’s game that Snooki which would explain Snooki’s reticence to date to speculate who released the images.

Either way Snooki remains and our collective appetite for the unimaginable remains quite strong. Welcome to ‘Jersey Shore’ indeed….

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