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The etiquette of the first date. You’ll do anal and I’ll buy you a bracelet?


I have to be honest I hate dating. I avoid it strenuously. It makes me feel awkward and reminds me of how frail I really am. Of course the irony of the whole thing is as much as I enjoy being single and alone (I really do) I do value and enjoy other people and am even open to being intimate with them. That may explain to some part why I’m a writer, cause I get to say and express what I feel and not particularly care if you like me ever again (which has only made me paradoxically even more popular even if so many of you don’t know what to do with me) or if I offend you or say something that makes you feel uncomfortable or forces you to come to terms with your existential crises.

In fact the only reason I bother with wanting to occasionally meet women is because I have a fairly high sexual libido and I can’t let go of my idealized youth that I strangely believe I can re enact with another individual who will touch me or that I can touch. Then of course then too are the heart breaks and the self recriminations and the weird feeling that sometimes I would give so much away to share myself with another.

The above may to some degree may explain the awkwardness most of us have when it comes to dating, first dates and the hesitancy of whether we want to see someone again or what the upside in seeing someone involves (yes don’t kid yourselves). Sadly me for me I don’t think I offer too much upside for most women because I refuse to play into their expectations (this is what happens when you start questioning every thing that comes your way) which ironically makes me more desirable but a wretched bastard once you get to know me and unfortunately none of you have a chance in hell in taming me. Then again I’m told if I play along with you women you will break down and give me your sex, never mind that I think a woman should understand that men like to be seduced by women too and that we’re not fuck machines on auto.

Nevertheless the following video which I happened upon is I think is a savage indictment on modern day dating and bitter sweet assessment of what both sexes bring to the equation. Ultimately I think the expression ‘that we can’t live with them or we can’t live with them,’ holds very true, but you will see in a minute what I mean. So what do you think ladies? If you let me fuck you up the ass will a bracelet work? Watch and figure it out if you can….