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Snooki leaked nude pictures. So why did we all go gaga over naked Snooki?

Snooki naked


Snooki naked

Graphic: Octomom masturbation porn finally arrives naked on your doorstep.

Who leaked Snooki’s nude photos? Ex boyfriend denies role.

Graphic: Snooki denies leaking leaked nude photos of self.

Snooki now cavorting in short mini dresses whilst pregnant. What nude photo scandal?

Not to take anything away from Snooki as a performer (and I will use that word lightly) one has to wonder what it is about our collective lust, fascination for the reality star?

To be fair, I don’t think she’s the most attractive woman I have ever laid eyes on (and I think I am speaking on behalf of most men here) nor the most seductive (in fact I think she is downright tacky and declasse). Yet when all is said and done there is something very desirable about Snooki that makes her irresistible.

Aside from being a freak show (and who doesn’t like freak shows?) the allure behind Snooki probably lies in the fact not because she is a top model, a movie star (heaven forbid) but because she is an every day girl made popular by popular culture. After all hasn’t that been the appeal of reality TV, that we could take virtual nobody’s and turn them out into stars, simply cause we watched them enough times and we followed their journey.

That there might be the secret of Snooki. She is an every day girl who has gone and lived this fantastical life only reserved for movie stars, glamor boys and girls, and yet to look at her, to listen to her and to even watch her one has to wonder how?

I suspect deep in America, the perfect woman for most of us men isn’t the glamor model, or trophy wife but the everyday woman and this I think is what Snooki so amicably (yes, yes she’s a heathen and badly misbehaved but with a wink mind you) does. She makes us curious, lust after her and teases us. Then again there’s always been something fascinating about getting to see someone who’s famous naked, somehow it’s suppose to understand them better or see them up close and raw. But does it really?

Ultimately Snooki is the everyday woman who thanks to popular culture and reality tv has become the new breed of glamor and so many of us men just can’t help be fascinated by her. Naked or not, but probably naked any day of the week, Snooki and her elk will continue to living in the public’s imagination.