Home Scandal and Gossip Mug shot of highway stripper crack head goes viral.

Mug shot of highway stripper crack head goes viral.

Tracy Mobbs
Tracy Mobbs got some good shit going on...
Tracy Mobbs
Tracy Mabb got some good shit going on...

This is the look of pain when your peen is flashed back and forth to an unsuspecting world.

Kids the woman in the above picture goes by the name of Tracy Mabb, but judging by her recent shenanigans she may want to change it to Touch and Watch my Vagina. But what do I know, my eyeballs weren’t struck by thunder lighting as Tracy set her sights on innocent Floridians who just happened upon her ass and vagina in the air act. (yes rumor has it Tracy was stroking the good shit and even tried to get arresting officers to stroke the good shit too).

When authorities finally intervened (I know I hate it when the pigs turn up and tell me to put away my toys too) the 35 year old wacko job was heard to say:

“I don'[t give a fxxk.”

Kids if only I could meet more heart throb material like Tracy on interstate 45 I’d be a happier holier man.

For her troubles (yes this is the icky part kids) Tracy was later charged with exposing her loins in public and held in jail this past Wednesday in lieu of a $600 bond (shit got spent on the good stuff instead).

The moral of the lesson? Wack shit happens when you smoke crackon the highway bixches. Keep it in the basement!

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'But your honor I was just providing a public service...'
Pompano Beach intersection is where the good shit went down.

  • Mandarin49

    show me the way to Pompano Beach please,I like her and want her to be happy….

  • Bath salts?

  • Ballbreaker1900

    i guess im headed to Pompano Beach lol