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Gretchen Carlson walks off Fox set after co host Brian Kilmeade makes sexist comments.

Fox's Gretchen Carlson getting up from the set leaving an incredulous Brian Kilmeade to watch on.
Fox’s Gretchen Carlson getting up from the set leaving an incredulous Brian Kilmeade to watch on.

Gretchen Carlson walks off Fox: Rampant sexism or just business as usual until co host Brian Kilmeade went too far?


‘Women are everywhere. We’re letting them play golf and tennis now. It’s out of control.’ The douche bag things they say over at Fox.

Gretchen Carlson, an anchor on the Fox’s ‘Fox and Friends,’ walked off during filming yesterday after her co anchor Brian Kilmeade made the above remark.

The incident happened after a segment on the US navy Sea Chanters being presented by a third host, Steve Doocy, who told audience members that until 1980 the group was all male. Nonchalantly and thinking he was being funny, Kilmeade then made his remarks. Carlson for her part though was not having any of it and walked off the set apparently appalled at her co host’s behavior .

As Carlson walked away an incredulous Kilmeade then responded:

‘You know what?’ Carlson said as she walked off set. ‘You know what? You read the headlines, since men are so great. Go ahead.’

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So why is Gretchen Carlson leaving Fox and Friends anyway?

What followed was a chorus of boos, yet Kilmeade was hardly deterred as he calmly remained seated.

Then the impossible:

‘Finally!’ Kilmeade said. ‘Leaving an all male-crew.’

In the background the voice of Carlson could now be heard shouting:

‘In all your glory, go for it!’

Kilmeade then turned to the camera and explained his version of why Carlson left the set, offering that :‘Eh, she needed a shower.’

From there Kilmeade incredulously goes on to provide brief updates on news stories, pausing between each to call out to Carlson.

Yes kids, who cares about the news anymore when the real drama is on stage?

For her part Carlson eventually retakes her seat as pleasantries are once again exchanged and for a moment one can’t help but wonder if it has all been a stunt or a subtle reminder that what one says on TV will always have consequences even if jovial co anchors such as these two underplayed the tension. Then again let’s be honest women, it’s still a man’s world, or is it?

On another note one would have to wonder how the segment would have played out had it been the other way, if Kilmeade had walked out? Then again one suspects women are given more liberty to be ’emotional’ than men. Or is that me just me being sexist? Just joking. Actually not….




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  • hoochiemoochie

    Media matters is just constantly grabbing at straws…it really is pitiful, LOL!

  • LorisPop


  • gerald

    need to get rid of brain he is too much of smart ass on the show now days

  • doctorbob

    I interpreted this as joking around, and nothing more. But, Liberals have no sense of humor (unless they’re lying and smearing Conservatives), so it’s pretty clear where the anonymous author if this smear piece is coming from. And it must REALLY burn the author that Fox is the #1 cable news show. I bet that hurts!

  • nosedigger

    Well that is how this new GOP thinks of women.