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‘Fifty shades of grey’ leads to increased sales of sex accessories.


So maybe girls are into being bonded after all?

When we first came out with our diatribe on the novel ‘Fifty shades of grey,’ this author was somewhat bemused by the notion that woman out there would be willingly submitting themselves to being bonded and dominated. Then again I shouldn’t have been surprised given various personal dealings in my own personal affairs had be delightfully nodding my head: ‘well if you say so…’

That said the NY Post has this morning come out with a story about the run up on bondage material. From the usual sex shops, lingerie outfitters and now the hardware store.

nypost: “Oh, we’ve been selling rope to women,” says Clifton Kahn, owner of Lexington Hardware on the Upper East Side. “I’d say tenfold more rope than usual in the last six months. The women are definitely buying, and it’s still continuing.”

Well what women doesn’t like being tied up? Or is that for the man? Or is this just the sexes submitting to the notion that being dominated and dominating is fun? Or is this just the manifestation of ordained role play despite the often heralded view that women are liberated and wish to assert their independence? Then again pleasure has no boundaries, and I’m assuming there’s a lot of that going on here.

But the ladies’ shopping lists don’t end with rope — there are also riding crops and handcuffs and, of course, the book’s signature silver-grey tie.

At Babeland, sales of kinky products are up nearly 30 percent in the last few months — and visits to the bondage section of their Web site have spiked 81 percent. Riding crops and handcuffs — both used in the book — are hot items.

This reminds me of the time when I was a young boy; walking around with Superman’s kryptonite was by then very necessary in order to make oneself feel empowered. Could the same thing be happening now? Did it really need to take a book before the sexes found themselves reveling in their sexuality? Or maybe the book has just given us permission and freed up concerns we’re freaks for going the distance?

“It’s like a juggernaut,” says Babeland co-founder Claire Cavanah. “You’d be surprised to see how very ordinary these people are who are coming in. The book is just an explosion of permission for them to try something new in the bedroom.”

What else could one write that would incite partners to try things in the bedroom? Then again hasn’t that stuff already being written? Or is it a situation of now being tastefully written and presented? Who knows maybe a bit of fist fighting and choke holding might help stimulate the libido? ‘How I learned to fist fight my new girlfriend while seducing her.’ That might sell right?

But in case you think I’m way off the mark, classes in spanking (that’s right, you read that correctly) are on the up and how:

Babeland stores are offering “Fifty Shades” classes inspired by the scintillating series. The first workshop in SoHo a few weeks ago — flowing with cocktails, gift bags and bondage advice — reached maximum capacity of 150 people, with 100 hot-and-bothereds turned away. Organizers expect this Sunday’s “Fifty Shades of Spanking” class — with the course description: “Learn how to give and get a good smack while you discover new ways of teasing, touching and stimulating your partner” — on the Lower East Side similarly swell with libidinous ladies.

Could it just be the warm air and the gushing feelings that come out with seedy temperatures or a cultural invigoration for what for many was unfathomable or just secretly too dirty to try until now. Go ahead ladies, give yourselves permission to go all the way- just promise not to buy the hammer or those nails. Ouch!

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