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Anderson Cooper to asshole passenger: ‘Bixch, what are you doing?’

Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin


Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin

Anderson Cooper will not have his celebrity status tampered with thank you very much bixch!

Making an appearance on last night’s ‘Kathy’, host Kathy Griffin set about charming her guest (yes Kathy has sworn never to feature celebrities but someone ought to rush over and explain to her that Anderson Cooper, bixch du jour is a hot damn celebrity) when Anderson out of nowhere recounts an incident involving an intrusive passenger on board a flight from NYC to Los Angeles.

Bixch was apparently trying to get some catnap when out of his eye he spots intrusive passenger taking out their I phone and pointing it’s front facing camera features at his mug. Of course AC wasn’t going to tolerate that shit. That’s an invasion of privacy and anyway, AC forgot to moisturize his face that day so there was no way some no name bixch was going to snap a pic of his looking worse for wear. Not in a million years. Not for all the silver fox hair dye you could put on a semi trailer.

Turns our hero to intruding male passenger, clutching intruder’s shoulders in his big bear hands:

‘Bitch, what are you doing?’

Wow. That’s how I like all my men. Loud, vocal and confrontational. It brings a gooey glow to my face when a man can rough speak like that. Really. No Chi Chi should refuse that type of rough talk. Ever.

But Anderson suddenly remembered he was the refined and sensitive hawt bixch (and of course on national television) and had a moment of relent when he later thought to himself:

“It was one of those things, as soon as I said, I was like ‘I can’t believe I said this to this guy.”

Never mind Anderson. I like you hawt and raunchy any day of the week.

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