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Scumbag mother facilitates nude photos of her 13 year old daughter to girl’s 30 year old boyfriend.


A 35 year old Duchese County (Utah) woman faces felony charges pursuant to taking nude photos of her 13 year old daughter that she knew her daughter had intended to send to her 30 year old boyfriend.

Having taken the photos with a cellphone the boyfriend had provided the thirteen year old (some boyfriends as you can see are extra considerate) with the explicit desire that the thirteen year old girl send them to him, authorities came upon the photos. At present it is hasn’t been disclosed how or why the mother chose to participate in the boyfriend’s scheme nor why for that matter the mother encouraged a sexually charged relationship of a minor.

Such are the (mis)adventures of young women all too anxious to explore their sexuality within the periphery of tainted souls. Or maybe we should condemn the thirteen year old for suddenly becoming aware of her libido…never mind those who chose to corrupt a once innocent girl.

And in case this helps justify the course of actions, the dailymailoffers the following:

While in court, the mother’s lawyer blamed her behaviour in part on her addiction to prescription pills, saying she took them ‘like candy,’ as well as her rocky childhood.

‘It was not a pretty picture,’ the lawyer said.

According to a Salt Lake County prosecutor, the girl had originally consented to the agreement, but later decided she didn’t want to follow through.

The mother was also accused of sending pictures of her daughter to a man in exchange for cash.

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