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Video: Airport passenger strips completely naked when told she is not allowed to smoke.

Denver International Airport
Denver International Airport

For those of you who don’t know, flying is so stressful these days. There are tons of rules and regulations that really put a damper on the whole experience. Security checkpoints, passports, boarding passes, bag scanning, luggage limiting, and worst of all, you generally can’t smoke.

One woman found this out the hard way when she lit up at Denver International Airport at 8:45 this morning. When airport workers asked her to put out her cigarette she proceeded to do something certainly peculiar and not mentioned within the request; she stripped down naked.

Yup. She took off all of her clothes, left them in a pile on the floor, and then asked at the desk for a reprint of her boarding pass.

The photo is courtesy of TMZ and the Daily Mail reports, “The woman was eventually taken to a hospital for (mental health) assessment. She was not arrested and faces no charges.”

Which begs the question, why did this woman think it OK to take off all of her clothes in the middle of a public airport? Was it simply her trying to prove she had nothing to hide or maybe she thought officials had asked for a strip search? Or was this a sign of defiance, or just an act she considered normal routine? Or was she just plain mad? Or was she trying to imply that being asked not to smoke was tantamount of a transgression on her ‘rights’ as being exposed to what passengers have become used to, perfunctory strip pat downs?

Then again maybe a bunch of lucky passengers were spared a mid air freak routine (who can be sure this is America after all) or quite possibly deprived of a much needed mood enhancer like an onboard titty show…

Such are the incongruities of flying in America…