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Should you try period sex? Randy college girl asks college sex columnist.

Period sex. Should you try it?
Period sex. Should you try it?

Period sex. Original image can be found here.

Yes I know it’s suppose to be a yucky question and amongst some circles such ‘acts’ are frowned upon, but then there are those of you who relish such instances. Or do you? Case in point is this confused reader who found the courage (yes being open about one’s sexual peccadilloes takes courage kids) to ask college advice columnist, the rice thresholder whether she should engage in yicky period sex. Curious to find out what she said? Me too…

Dear Thresher,

I read in “Cosmo” that 62 percent of men would be willing to have period sex. I’m interested but skeptical, especially about how my boyfriend would feel …. Should I try it?


Living on the Edge


When I first read this question, I was immensely disgusted. Naturally, I turned to the Bible for help. While it is true that Moses parted the Red Sea, this is in no way a thumbs up from the Holy Book. In fact, those celebrating Passover next week will remember that turning the rivers into blood was a horrible plague designed to punish the Egyptians. From what I can tell, none of the Pharaoh’s people used the opportunity to get it on in the churning river of red blood cells. A quick search through Leviticus further reveals that while the Bible has many bloodbaths, you shouldn’t have one in bed. In fact, the Bible states: “You shall not approach a woman to uncover her nakedness as long as she is in her customary impurity” (Leviticus 18:19). Now, that does come from Leviticus, generally known by Biblical scholars to be the least fun part of the Bible, filled with many archaic rules, such as those concerning stoning and slaves that have long since been abandoned. However, I think this passage is meaningful for those who don’t believe in the literal word of God (obviously you do not, unless you and your partner are married) for the theological reason that period sex is really, really gross.

You may respond to that with the fact that “Cosmo” says 62 percent of men say it’s okay to wade in during “shark week”. I want to remind you that 100 percent of men asked in this “Cosmo” survey are okay taking surveys by Cosmo about menstrual sex. You don’t need to have taken Stat 280 to realize that might not be a representative sample of the entire male population. In fact, I am highly doubtful that almost two-thirds of men will want to recreate Daniel Day Lewis’ Oscar winning performance in “There Will Be Blood”. It is my prediction that 90 percent of men’s stomachs will react to the idea of period sex like they were going through horrible turbulence after eating airplane food. My recommendation is to ask your boyfriend what he feels. If he is up for the idea, tell that pervert to go jump in a lake, preferably one filled with blood.

Kids can I just stay with you for a bit whilst you all check to see if your Sunday morning is free so you may go ahead and attend bible scripture studies with Ares? That plus flush a pack of ice against your forehead as you dizzily swoon with the knowledge that according to Ares you are a heathen slut who will be banned from God’s doorstep (or whatever gets you off) the minute your ‘bloody’ pussy ass gets there one day.

Really I am not sure whether to wonder Ares is really a nihilist atheist who wanted to confuse the bejesus out of this poor girl who must probably think the trickle of blood against the inside of her leg whether she’s being fucked or not must count towards a denigration towards her soul. Is this what we mean by enlightenment at the hands of certain college auspices?

But before you all go hating on women and thinking they’re nasty bixches let us read what the other half of the rice thresher report has to say on the matter? Maybe there’s some salvation. You be the judge…


I’m again going to return to my now very repetitive mantra: Communication is key. It really doesn’t matter whether 62 percent of men polled by Cosmo are willing to try period sex or not – what matters is whether you and your partner both feel comfortable with the concept. If you have discussed the issues that may arise, then it is totally within your right to have period sex and to enjoy it. However, there are also some things you should be aware of before you engage in this admittedly somewhat controversial experience.

First of all, despite many common misconceptions, you can get pregnant while on your period. It is generally easiest to get pregnant around the time you’re ovulating, which in the middle of your menstrual cycle, but you can actually get pregnant at any time while having unprotected sex. So, if by chance you are choosing to have period sex rather than more conventional sex in an attempt to avoid pregnancy, you definitely should not count period sex as a form of birth control. Furthermore, as your cervix is more open during your period, you can be at higher risk for cervical infections or HIV, so safety should always be your first concern, and protection is a must.

Second of all, there is a problem concerning the mess that could result from having period sex. Some women have reported elevated feelings and enjoying sex more while on their periods, but period sex can also result in some sticky situations. A decent consideration is also where you are in your cycle. If you have a really heavy flow and a wide-set vagina, then you should probably wait until you’re a few days into your period to give period sex a try. That way, you can avoid at least some of the mess that can result from having period sex. However, there are also other ways to minimize the mess during period sex. Shower sex is always an option – the clean up is essentially built into the situation (unless, of course, you’re in the floor-flooding showers in McMurtry). However, another consideration is the position you choose; if the girl is on the bottom and the guy on the top, old-fashioned gravity will minimize messy situations. Putting down towels is another option, but it definitely detracts from romance. To avoid the mess, you can also insert a menstrual cup or a cervical cap to prevent vaginal secretions, but if you’re just trying out period sex, you might want to avoid inserting something new into your body.

In the end, the most important consideration is really you and your partner’s comfort. If you’re up for it, then just go with the flow.



Well how about that?! It’s a personal decision that works for some and doesn’t for others whilst the gut feeling is that it actually works for a lot of people (yes if you must know- I have tried it and strangely found the whole thing very erotic, but I would advise lots of bathtowels you no longer value…) But then again if a woman can live with it why not her partner? Then again a male could always say no- he does have that right, the same way a woman has the right to say no as well.

But of course there are others that would claim a man refusing to have sex with a woman during her periods is tantamount to that man being a misogynist.

See here:

But according to one feminist, a man who refuses to have sex with a woman whilst she is on her periods is tantamount to being a misogynist. What? How does that add up?  Tell me this isn’t true?: Refusing to have sex with a woman whilst she is on her periods now makes you a misogynist.


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