Home Scandal and Gossip Paz de la Huerta scoffs down a delicious burrito.

Paz de la Huerta scoffs down a delicious burrito.

Paz de la Huerta shows us how delicious burritos really are...
Paz de la Huerta shows us how delicious burritos really are...

Paz has no shame in eating the good shit on the sidewalk…

Kids, I’ll be the first to admit that I like to have breakfast, lunch and dinner and of course after dinner mints on the street pavement. But never have I had the luxury of eating delicious burritos on the open tarmac. Delicious because in the following pictures my hero Paz spends more time devouring the good shit than she would normally spend devouring a well made vodka tonic.

What of course makes these tender pictures of our hero living the vida loca that more invigorating is the nonchalant regard she has for those who pass her. Yeah she’s Paz and yeah you have all seen her on TV and yeah she’s the bixch that likes to get into fist fight brawls when the mood strikes her. So what. Paz is real. When Paz says I just woke up out of the gutter after last  night’s final vodka tonic call that spot with the x next to the beat up Lincoln is where I slept. Getting good sleep is important. Doesn’t matter if it’s on the sidewalk or not. Which is to say it doesn’t matter if I scarf the good shit either. Damn bixch this burrito is jammin’. After this burrito I am going back to the bar and do this shit all over again. Of course I’ll have to spit into my hands and look into the Lincoln’s reflection to wipe the pavement smudges off, but a girl has always got to look pretty when she goes bar hopping. Damn nigga- this burrito is too delicious….

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Like most sessions of hard partying, comes the desire for some much needed nourishment. Nourishment that Paz gladly helps herself to...
The trick of course when eating a burrito in public is to be dressed as scantily as possible. Nothing beats the hungry homeless skank look with puffy eyes, it's a real crowd winner.
Practicing the homeless I am hungry shuffle takes skill, thankfully it's a role that I have always enjoyed playing.
And now it's time to find a bar to wash this shit down...

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